Galilea range attack?

Can anyone help me understand how and when Galilea starts shooting projectiles with her melee attack? Is it at maximum corruption? But it seems to last afterwards too?
Any clarification is appreciated.

At level 3, Galilea has a helix option called “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone” (the other option is almost laughably bad). What this does is allow Galilea’s melee attack to fire a beam with her melee attack (5 beams in a tight spread with her spin) when she is at max hp.

So, basically, when a Galilea is above level 3 and has max hp, she’s gonna be shooting purple balls of pain (which also make her actual melee attack twice as damaging because they’ll hit point blank).

Also, if you didn’t know, that’s a reference to Legend of Zelda (and the other early Zelda games), in which Link is able to shoot a beam when he swings his sword at max hp; the name comes from the first line in the first Zelda game in which Link is given a wooden sword by an old man in a cave who says “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.”


Okay thanks. I was so lost at first. Like I’ve seen this being done and I’m doing this but I don’t remember how! Haha!

I really enjoy using this, so much fun, and on Advanced Story mode with maps like The Experiment, wow.

Yeah it’s one of her best abilities which I hope they don’t take away…

If you’re having trouble against a Galilea using this mutation, just use a shield penetrator and it will completely eliminate her ability to use it if she is missing just 1hp. Otherwise beat her down until her shield is gone and you can damage her directly.

A lot of people use shield penetrators already (they’re very powerful) so you may not need to adjust your gear.

Have fun playing with or against her. Don’t feel threatened or intimated by Galilea’s. Any BB can be beat when you know the characters and play as a team.

I would be really surprised if they took away. I could see a range nerf or a damage nerf, but, given how easy it is to counter it (e.g. love tap with some shield pen), I don’t see it being too much of a problem. Galilea is amazing in PvP because she’s got such amazing control to go with all of her damage.

Exactly :thumbsup:

Unfortunately, a lot of players hate that she has the possibility of ranged damage at all. They say it adds to her plump kit because it’s one more thing she can do.

I have my fingers crossed that they don’t hurt her too bad in the big 24 char patch. She’s already a huge target from the purple ring around her. Her abilities don’t do much damage but they’ve been nerfed anyway. Her helix or kit is very supportive but that’s to make up for her lacking areas. Her base damage has already been brought down. Her ultimate is a get away tool but that’s it (250 health isnt much) plus you can still be damaged and knocked out of it.

Basically she’s a really good territorial supporter with good base attack (due to attack speed). She’s great where she is but people still call for nerfs. If they do anymore she’ll be hurting.

Like I said, fingers crossed!

…This :sunny:

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