Galilea shield return helix not working?

I’m sure I’m landing the hits cause the enemy will be stunned, but some of the time the shield just poofs into thin air and I can’t find it on the ground or on my hand. The helix says it’s supposed to return if i land the hit.

I am having the same issue, I think if you take the helix below later on that makes it hit multiple targets…I think that is what is messing it up. It seemed to be working at first, I havent had too much time to test it out yet.

I am having the same issue as well, but I don’t think the multiple target augment is the cause I don’t use that augment at all. The newest thing I noticed that may be the cause is the mutation on the first augment you get. “When Desecrate is active, enemies are pulled toward Galilea.” I know they don’t seem connected, but I will run a test and update this.

Update: It is the first mutation, the first augment on Heralds Return (left) side gives it the power to return to your hand.

Moved to the bug report section.

I don’t think it is the mutation…since if you select the desecration augment mutation you are then forgoing the shield to return helix…so it should never return at that point.

That’s what I meant when I updated my post. What I was saying is that I have a mutation in the first Helix area that I started using, and I didn’t realize that the Herald’s Return (left side helix) was what made the shield come back automatically.

This is still an issue. I always take the return shield helix at level 1. It seems if you don’t shield up after throwing and hitting it immediately, after the next few seconds it will just act as though it never hit. Maybe has something to do with the first 5 seconds after throwing and the 5 second cooldown reduction in her first talent point.