Galilea Shield Throw Bug

Noticed a bug with Galilea’s shield throw today. The cooldown timer would count down to 0.0 and stay there, with the skill still sticking in cooldown. Anyone else noticed this?

You pick up the shield?

Yep. Shield in-hand. Can block with it, but the skill just can’t be used.

maybe it’s part of the hot fix to nerf her… you get 15 shield throws a match and then no more unless you die.

That’s ridiculous. That’s also why it’s probably true.

Semi-related, but does anyone feel that her shield is incredibly hard to find on the map sometimes? I feel like she should be able to see the shield’s outline, or an icon pointing to it or something. The small light source on it isn’t enough.


Lmao I didn’t even know that I had to manually retrieve it! So yeah I guess it’s hard to notice, I’ve been picking it up by chance only :joy: