Galilea Shield Throw / Multi Player Stun Question

Quick Galilea question.

Can Gali’s shield throw bounce into and stun multiple enemy Battleborns given the appropriate Helix choices / mutations?



Nahp. Helix mutation just deals damage.



Thanks, guys.

Kind of along the same lines - my question
Galilea legendary says she gets 50% of health from stunned enemies

Is that only her shield stun (so like 2 seconds?) or for example if she had a really heavy stun party like KU/Kelvin/Toby

If they stunned the enemy battleborn but Galilea was hitting them at the same time: Would she get that 50% health drain off their stun?

Depending on the actual answer it may make me pick the legendary rather than the +14/7 health regen I usually pick

I think its for all stuns but I havent tested it

It does… Kelvin+Galilea is an over kill…

Pull 5 battleborns and Kelvin stun while you dance in circles draining hp + láser swords and is not fun… Is so gamebreaking

Its not often youll get a five man gali pull though, especially against a good team