Galilea shield toss seems difficult to use?

I’ve mostly been testing solo/couch co-op/private lobby runs. My favorite character at the moment is gali. She is tanky, fast and does great damage. My only problem is her shield toss. So far i’ve found using it more a hinderance than help.

I suppose for what I’m doing that isn’t a problem, but wonder if I’m missing something. Any other gali players find it useful beyond a very rare moment when the stars align?

Hey @jacaithsolaris.

Interesting thoughts, but just a suggestion;

Perhaps edit the thread title so as to make it easier for others to find.


“Galilea shield toss seems difficult to use.” Etc.

It’s kinda supposed to be that way because a two second stun is kind of a big deal. Both Shayne/Aurox’s snatch and Ghalt’s chain thing are both hard to land as well. It’s one of those abilities that is much more useful in pvp, where landing the stun could be what allows you to take down an enemy Battleborn.

The projectile is thankfully quite fast. Try using Miko’s spore blob as a comparison for a tough stun to land… Except at point blank anyway.

It’s not difficult enough to land for what it does. I’ve been playing mostly as thorn, and pinpoint accuracy is very important for her character. A decently large shield thrown at another player is less difficult to hit then thorns standard attack. Add the 2 second stun and a few other of her skill tree perks, and it’s usually enough to finish off a player at full health. Galilea is extremely OP in PvP, because she does huge damage, can take a lot of damage, and is not difficult to use.

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Just keep using it. Eventually you just know where the reticle will be and can quick fire it. 2 seconds is almost OP if synced well with your group, the movement speed and health regen the talents grant. Gali is by far my favorite as well.

Edit: Also the bounce is fun too. I’ve stunned people around corners with it a couple of times already.

Galilea is my main she isn’t as op as everyone says me and my friends found her counter but her throw is easy to use I recommend not taking the Helix to hit multiple targets it makes the shield not return sometimes if it misses a bounce so it takes away from tanking always get the ability so it returns to your hand being captain America is great
Next you can bounce it off anything as long as it’s not an enemy
Walls rocks trees ground doesn’t matter it has a small bounce which can hit a target and return after to continue the tanking
That’s how I hit people behind walls or barriers
Next every character has a b that knocks enemy’s back
Gal has a combo you move while doing her basic which gives the extra sword spins at the end of that hit your b knocking the enemy back and into the air slowing them while pushing them that’s when you throw your shield while they are hit by your b for a stun and since it returned to you it has a shorter cool down so rice and repeat

Does the multiple bounces stun all that it hits?

Anyway I try to hit at point blank with it or just make sure their attention is drawn elsewhere. Then I make sure to have the “no shield speed boost” thing and I close the gap, silence with her other ability, start swiping, things get too hairy? Go underground and GG!

I don’t think so, but the large issue with the bounces is that the Helix actually NEGATES the “return on hit” Helix.

I have reported this bug already, but no one “official” has replied to a SINGLE bug report thread, so I have no idea if they devs even receive these reports ffs…

Oh they receive them, but to reply to each and every one would be a monumental undertaking. Right now @JoeKGBX is the only person from GBX that I know who is replying to messages, but even he’s swamped with them. Some things have already been changed, so keep those reports coming in.

Galilea’s shield toss is difficult to land? Good. It’s one of the few base 2s stuns from what I can tell and its base damage is far from bad, the last thing it needs to be is easy to land. I’m no KB+M pro but I’m landing my shields semi-consistantly, there’s nothing more satisfying than landing a clutch skillshot like that. There is harder to land though.

May I ask if you’re using KB+M or a controller? The controller aim will inevitably make landing shield pretty difficult.

Sure - I get that, but it woulda been nice if they’d taken 10 mins to code a “Report Received” tag or something that they could click one button to slap onto the thread to let us know or something…

That wouldn’t really take more than 1 additional second away from them, as you’d be reading the bug posts anyways! n.nU