Galilea silence cancelled Caldarius Ultimate Damage

Ok, so I just played a game as Caldarius against a Galilea. I flew up in the air, and Galilea threw her silence out on Marquis. I went and dove on her, and my ultimate did no damage because of the silence. Please, fix this, or make certain Ultimates CC immune. Galilea is just getting on my nerves at this point.

Fun fact: Stepping on Galilea’s silence will also remove the effects of an active Whiskey Foxtrot ult.

Same with El Dragon. On ALL his abilities. That silence will immediately take you out of Clothesline and Dragon Splash.

silence will stop absolutely any ability. Its really frustrating.

This is getting fixed so that the Silence will only apply when the ability is cast. It will no longer be a constant effect for the duration of Desecrate.

I had an experience where it stopped Thorns Ultimate after she already shot it out of her hand and it was hitting the ground, so I’m glad they are fixing it.

Thank the Lord. Nothing upsets me more than being in the air and not having any damage upon landing.

One thing you don’t know about me is that I was an SPL prospect for SMITE Pro Leagues. I know strategy in MOBAs just as well, if not better, than you do.

My problem is that it cancelled the damage. That shouldn’t happen. The damage should go through no matter what. It would be different if she silenced me at the beginning of my animation, but I dive-bombed into her silence to try and kill her instead. No damage. Get what I’m saying? There is never a time in SMITE that Nox’s silence stops an Odin’s leap damage, or a Ratatoskr ultimate’s damage. There should never be a time in Battleborn where it happens, either.

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Make her cast it push her out and dive bomb her.[/quote]

What character are you playing whose quick melee can knock Galilea so far out of the desecrate bubble that she can’t just run back into it? What character are you playing that can do that, then run back out (while slowed no less) and un-silence themselves in time to do the lengthy Dive Bomb animation and hit Galilea before she’s run back into the desecrate bubble?

There is absolutely zero strategy or intelligence involved in Galilea’s Slow, Silence, and Stun triple threat. Making her actually think about the timing of when to drop the bubble introduces a modicum of intelligent play.

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Yeah, also she can pop it when she sees him in the air…and cancel it all the same.

Thats a stun. An auto AOE Silence that negates all skills is a bit much. This isn’t just with ults. Dragon splash, clothesline, etc. are all negated.I don’t think the silence is the issue, its the AOE silence at her feet on command that negates all skill damage.

Edit: This is an issue with Gali specifically that the devs have acknowledged.

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c’mon guys lets keep it civil please, before the mods shut this down.

Got ahead of myself, sorry.

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You are taking this way to situationally. What happens when you don’t have a sniper? When she has a Miko following her around? Look at what the topic is about, please.

The question was rhetorical, because we were talking about Caldarius and Caldarius only. Caldarius cannot knock Galilea out of her desecrate bubble, escape the bubble, and then use Dive Bomb.

You need to stop insulting the intelligence of others and start actually listening to what they’re talking about.

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What’s up with all the withdrawn posts? Before you click on “Reply”, check what you actually wrote. Not too hard now, is it?

Galileas desecrate works like a void, everything stepping in to it that’s skill based will get nullified. I’ve had Boldurs dashing me and had it removed before he even reach me. Wonder if ISICs ultimate even works against a Galilea in Desecrate, that’s something I have yet to encounter.

You got me curious now too. Same with other AoE ultimates, like Kleese’s. Wonder if the damage will go through her Desecrate.