Galilea still OP?

So even after the nerf of galilea, she still seems ridiculous.

i’m not saying i got owned by a galilea, but in a match i watched her roll over the top of my teammates like they weren’t even there.

At the end of the game, galilea did 89,000 damage total to enemy players. I did 60k total as ghalt. Everyone else on both teams were around 30-34k damage.

The guy sent me a message saying “good game” but i knew he was being smug because he wouldn’t be able to pull stuff off like that with any other character. i also had a teammate go 4-12 as one character the same match I got 29-4. The next match he got galilea and he got like a 3+ kdr.

That’s just absurd for any character. Ghalt runs around murdering people with dual shotguns that deal insane damage, and this guy does almost 30k more damage?

Really hope when this game comes out that the ‘go to’ stragety isn’t just picking galilea to win the match.

Bruh, she’s OP. she did 3x the damage that everyone else did in the game. How can you even try to justify that? i managed to double everyone else’s damage and the TANK still did 50% of my damage. Me and my crew aren’t bad at the game what so ever. We rarely ever lose, and with certain characters I’ve gotten over 20 kills and less than 5 deaths. My record in a match is 29 kills. That’s not using galilea.

I’m not playing PvP, so I can’t comment. I’ve just tried her in single player and she was pure FUN :grin: I’ve only tried a handful of characters, so far, but, to use a Borderlands 2 analogy, she is my Krieg :grinning:

I actually checked the last hot fix notes to see if she had been rebalanced. I see she has, so heaven knows what she was like before! However, from a PvE perspective , I love her just the way she is.

Completely agree! :]

Not really a discussion about who is fun. All characters in this game are fun.

To paraphrase George Orwell’s Animal Farm “All characters are fun but some characters are more fun than others”. Galilea falls into the “more fun” category for me :smile:

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PvE and PvP are very different she is super fun either way but she is way to strong for PvP and she makes the game not fun for ANYONE who has to fight her.

Omg. Another complain. I love galilea. She’s fine the way she is. It’s a team game. If you have team going by themselves than that’s their problem. I have played against galileas who think just by attacking they will win. I also have died because the other team was smart. Last game I got 19 -2 because I was the killer. Idk why people complain. Learn when to approach and when not to. Simple as that. Jeez.

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Um, probably because she’s OP? What are you not getting? You went 19-2 as a TANK. Where as there are primarily DPS and glass cannons who dont deal nearly as much damage as her.

I really hope that they don’t listen to people like xvargas16, who constantly defend a character because it’s the only one you’re good with.

Oh god forbid I have teammates who do damage and I end up killing them ? Who said I used her as a tank ? Lol come on.
People always complains on charters they can’t kill. Either get better teammates or get good.
Haha sure. If you say so. So far I have used 8 characters. Along will mellka. I really hope they don’t listen people like you who complain about a character and not learning how to play against her.

Darn I can’t best such and such. OP character! Lmao good one.

See, everyone who defends this character is completely devoid of all logic. You act like it requires something special to be good with this character and it really doesn’t.

She’s a tank, but she out damages all DPS. How are you not understanding that? Tanks =/= DPS.

DPS = Damage Per Second. Tanks = high survivability.

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She does require skill. Throwing her shield is not am easy task. Im not going to jump right into the frontlines and be stupid. It’s you or your teammates fault for not playing smart. I don’t understand what the issue is. I have beaten other galileas and have lost to them too. If you think you can beat her one on one you are mistaken. Specially when she regens her life. If you are In range for her shield stun with half life, that’s on you. Maybe because I have played lots of MOBAs I’m not reckless into jumping in. She’s balanced the way she is and any character can be OP if you get the right gear set, although I will admit she was overpowered at the beginning.

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yeah pushing a button and looking at the flight path is so hard to do

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I think she can feel OP as far as damage but if a player is using her properly I think she fits right in. She’s like a mega tank that can almost single handily control lane push…so maybe she OP lol. That being said how exactly do you nerf her? Personally I’m a huge fan but I can see where she’s frustrating to deal with.

See this is what I mean. Players who use her don’t want her nerfed obviously because that’s all they do is spam her OPness.

She can feel OP as far as damage but if a player is using her properly she fits in? Uh, what? So she’s OP if people don’t use her properly but if you’re good with her she magically doesn’t do double everyone else’s damage?

I think its her lane clear and ranged attacks, at full hp its a shotgun blast of extra damage. And her lane clear just makes her level up super fast to help her stomp. Remove the energy blast spread and her lane clearing AoE?

I played Galilea a fair bit, only to rank 10. But i can say that i do believe she is a bit OP at the moment, even after the recent nerfs. However that only applies if you do not understand the character and her abilities/helix(mutation) tree.

Without going into great detail, basically if you simply stay out of her Desecration your good. Inside that you take increased damage, take DOT damage, you are pulled to Galilea (or have healing blocked), and you are silenced. Stay out of that and all she has is a simple stun, that you can avoid if your paying attention by simply moving out of its path.

Anyway i do believe that her desecration needs to be looked at or rather her Helix Mutation skills should. She is by far the only char where you will actually want to take every skill from the pull, to silence, to inc range, to 35% atk spd and even the bleed. Altho the last one isn’t so bad.

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Ok lets take a look what galilea brings to the table without helix augmentations:

  • 1000 dmg block with her shield
  • shield throw, renged stun and a bit of dmg
  • her sword
  • her aura with small life leach
  • desecrate skill

once you lvl up you get:
ranged attack with your sword
pull with desecrate
small selfheal with desecrate
self heal through corruption

The problem is that she can do too much of everything from level 3 onwards.
There are a couple ways i see to fix this:
-reduce/remove stun from shield throw OR replace the ranged attack at lvl three with something else
because right now, the only thing she can’t dps down if she stuns it is montana because of his ridiculous lumberjacky healthyness
-change her passive. do something with corruption. right now its just there and then serves as a selfheal once you get that lvl. Also, its called corruption, but has no negative side effects. maybe it would be interesting if the player had to manage corruption. that there are times where you want to be corrupt and other where its a disadvantage. maybe the higher your corruption, the slower you get, but you get increased attack speed or whatever.

K dont have more time now but i’m sure if you think about it you could come up with some fixed that both make her more balanced, but also more balanced and challenging to play.
Personally i feel that the stun is very satisfying, but the ranged “link” attack needs to go. in colse range it gives you insane dps increase, but the worst part is it encourages you to stay further back, dont lose hp (because then you lose the ranged) and wildly shoot weird link-balls at people while swinging your sword like a ■■■■■■. In a tank. with a shield. with a sword. wat. ? Its silly because all the fun is tanking damage, running in and hitting people with a sword. i mean… kelvin doesnt get range. el dragon doesnt. why galilea? because it was a nice reference?


Ya I know I didn’t make much sense. Like gearbox said in the patch notes players are inclined to use her way too aggressively, which I don’t nessesarily think is how she was intended to be used. she definitely has a lot going on which is probably the real problem.

Galilea is clearly the strongest character in the game and is WELL BEYOND the point of balance. I’m an old gamer, I’m competitive and tend to always be in the top 5-10% of a player base in pvp games like this. Why is she OP? Her kit is bloated to hell, that’s it, that’s why, she does too much. I feel her damage can be easily played around IF she loses the ability to completely gib whomever she hits with her q/e combo. Why are they always dead? Again, the kit.

What’s not a problem:
Her unmodified E
Her Q
Her Shield/bash
Her general damage potential

Why do I say the last one is not a problem? If you’re playing with and against skilled players, you’re probably looking at 3rd-5th damage despite your KDA ratio. Most squishies can spec defensively vs. melee, if they’re not doing so, they’re wrong, assassins and bruisers are just going to demolish them as soon as they close. I believe many middle mouse buttons allow squishies to fling themselves out of melee range by default or thru spec. (In other news, yes, middle mouse tends to be a melee attack for most characters)

What is a problem:
AoE three second silence + AoE slow
100% healing mitigation for 5 seconds via two sources based on spec
Her movement while during her melee chain (if the above two things aren’t changed this is also a problem)

Recap of what Galilea brings to the table:
AoE 100% healing reduction or Displacement (pull)/Slow/3s Silence/Damage amplify
Moderate to High Damage
Survivablity, the potential to counter play 1v1 when lower health
The ability to be a ranged melee while a full health

There wasn’t a lot of variance in speccing her once all helixes where unlocked, her 35% attack speed based off corruption level is an absolute no-brainer.

I feel the single biggest issue is her anti-heal. Case: I’m 1v3 and diving an enemy Miko, I hit my combo on her, if I’m not CC’d, she’s dead. If I have a significant level advantage, I may even kill more.

Galilea xp: Rank 14? Command lvl 47? Time played 40+ hours. Longest Galilea win streak 15-0.

Yes, she’s still overpowered vs disorganized teams in a brand new game. Rath is overpowered too…vs brand new players. I feel like even after this game is established her anti-heal is too strong.