Galilea Still OP

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Watch this video >>> How did Gals Stun work???

Someone explain this?

We need to either nerf her speed, or the Vortex or better yet remove the stun and make it a slow


Use Phoebe she’s a great counter to her

I’m more concerned with Marquis at this point. I can kill Galz. I can’t kill Marquis.


My ONLY issue is the teammates that play Mikos or anything medic

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In the video below she misses the shield throw and still hits the stun?

Then vortex > then silence then death…

Lag… I think. also she just total BS when she has a range attack and have a miko bumming her all game.

To me it looked like she hit with the shield. I mean you was stood right in front of her when she did it then looks like a bit of lag made it look a bit dodgy. Worst thing about this video is the player rage quitting because they failed to see her coming and basically made their team a player short.

Really, I think you should watch it again, I dodged the shield, saw it coming a mile away turn to retreat
walked into the shield on the floor and it stunned me.

You can clearly see a spike of lag which would explain why it looked weird. Even so still no reason to rage quit

I believe the second talent makes the sheild bounce, it can bounce and hit you and can stun you, its not broken its just her talent, where you are in the map theres walls behind you, most likely hit them

No lag, you have now stated two different things.

And there was a build up to the rage quit.

The Shield clearly misses, or are you just here to troll?

Yh I am aware of bounce, but in game I could see that it missed and hit the ground so it doesn’t make sense to me.
I feel like the bounce hit box may have stayed for an extra half a second.

It just annoys me that she even has that ability alongside a silence which also can drag you in and heal her at the same time… which is why I think she is OP

Yeah, you saw it coming, nullified to dodge and turned to run then got stunned.

Is it possible you moved faster than the shield toss and it hit you as you turned to run?

I would chalk it up to bad luck to be honest. Good dodge, bad luck. She didn’t deserve that kill.

Edit: nope I checked again it bounced off the wall and hit you. Still bad luck but you can follow the trail.


Yeah, thats my point though.
They made the shield stun too easy, its a lot to stay focused on Gals shield coming at you during a match,
but to have it bounce around and hit lucky shots like that is unfair.

There is no point in nerfing her damage when she has a 2 second stun and vortex from the get go.
And when you add the silence to that its just too much.

I used Gal and went 10 and 0 first time, not hard to use, and even easier when I play with my team.

My point is that she is still OP, or atleast her helix set makes her OP.

Yep agreed with all points here.

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I am all for op gal but 787 damage over 7 seconds not op.
Look at the damage report kleese and turrent were also attacking you.
Yeah she had the bounce helix you can see it hit the closed grinder then hit you.

What is your point here?

My point I stated above did not mention Gals dps.
It mentions the way it happens. rebound Stun > Vortex pull > silence
Far too easy to pull off, especially in a meltdown match.

The worst part is she is not even complex to use, but battleborn states she is.

If you wish to make dps the issue (and the guy who did the video never did) keep in mind that orendi is a squishy character and that the video starts off with orendi at half shields, I wonder if the game counts the timer from the moment you first take damage to the moment your shields full charge again. That said the turret was doing damage consistently the whole time. The shield stun hit and the turret broke the shield the pullback and dps from Gali + turret killed orendi but without the turret Orendi may have escaped the desecrate field only to be mowed down by the ranged dps from idtga

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Its not about who you can or can not kill as an individual.

Its far easier to get 10 and 0 with Gal than with Marquis.

The issue here is why Galileas move set can make her 4 different classes in one.

Technically desecrate can only silence or heal, not both. Just throwing that out there. She can heal from other skills but they’re kinda lame.