Galilea unlocked instead of Ambra

I just completed 5 matches with a Jennerit character to unlock Ambra. Instead of Ambra, Galilea became unlocked without meeting her requirements. See picture below:

Well Part A is weird. But what’s your level? Maybe you unlocked Galilea due to profile level?

Oh, I’m command level 12. Maybe that explains it, but it would be nice if that level requirement was still shown with an unlocked lock icon.

Oh ya, pretty sure level 12 is her requirement.

Very true! Did you do all this during the updating that’s going on? Maybe that caused some issues?

This was after the updates had happened.

Maybe the unlocks are more so visually confusing than bugged.

Well no, that lock should be gone. Maybe there’s just a glitch?

Apparently for Ambra to be unlocked BOTH requirements must be met. Most characters only need one OR the other requirement.

I have unlocked Ambra by winning 5 matches with a Jennerit character. I don’t even have the commander rank to unlock her yet. Seems like a weird bug o.O