Galilea's Helix Needs Change

Hey, I was thinking, after the Gali nerf, nothing really changed, you know? Then it hit me, the problem isn’t Galilea’s base stats, it’s her Helix.

First, no character should have a stun at level 1, least of all Galilea, a territorial melee character who can turn a full health Montana into Mincemeat in a matter of seconds. Please make her start with a slow, and work up to a stun.

Secondly, It’s two dangerous to go alone deals too much damage for a passive. I figure *50 is a better number seeing as she already has an annoying ranged attack.

Thirdly, Vortex & Bleak Quiet allow a Gali to draw in opponents, slience them, and stun them with her shield in an instant. And that’s at level 4.

I suggest maybe replacing both helix options in level 6 with Vortex and Bleak Quiet, leaving you to choose between one or the other, and then put forsaking others and dark age where the two mutations used to be, but lower the health regen to 50, her legendary gear would allow 210 hps if you have both conditions.

Lastly, please lower the effect of Anti-hero to 25%

It think these changes at least warrant consideration, as in my opinion, Galilea’s Helix is what makes her so powerful, not her stats.

I disagree entirely. I think she’s a little weak now, and no I don’t use her. Her stun is a skill, not a helix. The pull is strong with teammates, but on her own kinda eh. She’s pulled me in to kill her before. The silence is a bit buggy, but fine now that they reduced to regular silence style. That’s just my opinion though.

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Just started playing galilea today., with UPS and downs. She really requires accuracy with shield toss to be effective-and no, it isn’t easy to hit squishy targets who are either fast, small, or fast and small. The idea that galilea can melt a Montana is an overexaggeration. Just as easily, he can dash stun gal and freeze her down. I like her kit in that it offers flexibility in build, reallyoffering you a chance to complement your team. I just unlocked antihero, so ill let you know if I agree there. With gear ill have her attack speed around +50%…

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Up to 50% - useless if you haven’t built corruption. Not that the skill is bad.

well… there is no way u can push her away when that desecrate has pull, silence AND slow… for 1 skill

Her helix REALLY needs a rework. Stun, she comes in, hit hit hit then pulls u in, silenced u and slow… D.E.A.D

Please Gearbox, dmg wise she’s perfect. You don’t need to tone her down on dmg-wise anymore. It’s her helix, please work on that helix. u can’t have 1 skill applying pull, silence AND slow. it’s like an ULTIMATE… however this is a normal skill.

For all the people complaining about OP gal, ive only seen 2 Gal’s on the opponent team for the last 3 days and one on my team. She really only becomes unstoppable with a healer behind her almost contently, which with pugs is rare, (But most heroes with a constant healer become almost unkillable. Alani+Miko is stupidly hard to kill) Her stun can easily miss, especially targets like orendi or marquis who are smaller targets. The reason she can hit Montana easily is because he’s a large target.

Complaining about her set up seems silly to me when Galt also has a pull and stun combo right off level one.

I like where Gal is because she’s only “op” if you can play her right, which to be fair can be said about most heroes. Marquis can be deadly lethal or terrible depending on the users aim and skill.


Come on dude we’re talking about 1 skill. Ghalt uses 2 skill to combo and if you miss the pull that is it, u pray that the enemy chases after you and steps on your mine.

Desecrate you do not need to aim and you SIMULTANEOUSLY pull, silence and slow. How is that not considered OP?

Tell me which other skill can do that much CC in 1 skill and not even an ULT.

Any characters can be considered OP when played right but the right word isn’t OP. It’s STRONG. Boldur can kick butt after reaching lvl 5. Same goes for El Dragon. But Galilea? She’s already strong before level 5 and goes nuts when higher.

Rarely see Galilea and a healer? you’re few of the lucky ones then. Don’t compare noobs vs good/great players. Yes Galilea is crap when a noob uses her, in the hands of good/great? sigh

I like Gal where she is now. She’s already been nerfed enough that she’s in line with the other characters, even if she’s still on the stronger side.

She’s definitely still A tier and may need some tweaking. However if they are to do that they need to tweak the other A tiers as well. OM, Thorn, Marquis, Alani, etc. Overall she’s in a good state for current status of the game though.

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Every match I play, there is always a Gali, and they are always top scoring.

Nah, S tier my friend. A tier is where everyone needs to be at. Alani is the only other S tier in my book.

(Most of the other “op” characters just need a stat adjustment, or slight change in mechanics.)

@shinobido101 Her stat nerfs are not solving the problem, they weren’t the issue.

With one skill she can shut down pull, silence and slow you, and that’s AFTER she stuns you. It doesn’t matter that you have to aim her stun, the fact is that she has a stun at level 1, and a helix that allows you to essentially turn your opponent’s legs into jelly every time you so much as look at them.

Her helix is the problem, they could even rollback the previous nerfs if they changed what I suggest. I have no beef with her stats.

Wow, I’ve run into exactly one Galilea since her nerf, and that is after playing about 30-40 matches. She’s basically a unicorn to me now.

You are a blessed individual.

Galilea punishes heroes that overextend because they’re used to getting away with it. She isn’t going to 100-0 anyone. She is always the focus of both teams. She fits the defender role very well with her kit. I always feel I take one helix choice at the loss of having another perk, from inflicting healing weakness to doing damage. It sounds like you’ve had bad experiences against galilea and instead of trying a new way to counter galilea, you just insist on more nerfage. But what good does that do? You’re basically reducing galilea to only being able to silence and slow with desecrate, when it is perhaps the most flexible and versatile ability in game. You see! Find a counter and force that galilea player that’s been owning you to counter you with mixing up what they do. It’s the only way we’ll see the most of the heroes expressed, as opposed to cutting this and offing that.

you’r incredibly unlucky…

Seriously? I’ve fought/teamed with about a total of MAYBE 6 or 7 in the past three days and only 4 of them had a positive K:D or helped their team in any legitimate way. Can I trade you luck? I need a couple more for the Alani lore…

I’ve been killed in front of my base by a few of them with my team 3 feet behind me, maybe that’s what her intent is, but that’s not how I’ve seen her operated.

First off I’m not going to try to argue anything. Because with a game like this, that’s just a swirl of opinions, having an opposing view point doesn’t get either party anywhere. I’m just here to point out how ignorant some of these post are.

Characters that have a stun level 1

  • Galilea
  • Ghalt
  • Kelvin

Characters that have a conditional stun

  • Attikus
  • Montana
  • Boldur
  • Rath

Basically a stun

  • Alani

That’s 31% of the characters that have a stun tier one


Thanks for the request for the IDtGA buff… I guess. It only does 67 damage, but if you want I to do more I’m all for it. Not that this part made much sense anyway.

And you want to nerf an already pretty conditional skill by more than 50%, and then potentially put it on the same tier as her skill that allows me to simply stand in Desecrate for 2 seconds and regen more health. Or I’m sure you’d like it to be another throw away mutation and have it compete with her wound or 25% cooldown on her stun, definitely a hard choice there. At least Vortex makes her cough up one of her top tier helixes.

And when is the last time you looked at her legendary? Because “it don’t do dat no more”. And after you look it up and you complain it too is “OP”, it really isn’t and I’d rather have her old legendary back. And 50 + 105 =/= 210 FYI.

If you want to be taken seriously don’t come in here with a bunch of bogus claims, filled with wrong information right and left. The fact you don’t even know the damage IDtGA does just makes my point about the ignorant masses spewing BS about nerfing a character because some YouTuber/Streamer said they were “OP”. And you all will ride that bandwagon into deepest pile of ■■■■ you can find, driving a character well past the point of being “balanced”. No you’'ll do it until they can barely even compete in the most competent of player’s hands, all because of your biased tally whenever that killcam shows up.

^This is for aaaaaaaaall of these post, not just this one.


If needed, anti-mod graphic. Why? IDK… its late


Let’s talk about the game and not each other

The only thing that i feel really needs to change on Gali now has to deal with the “its dangerous to go alone” helix. Not really sure why there needs to be 5 projectiles every third attack. Adding damage isnt a huge deal as its pretty hard to stay at 100% hp for long, but the amount of damage that one skill adds is completely out of whack. Adding 375 damage on every 3rd basic attack at level 3 is way too much.