Galilea's Pull Balance

I realize rebalancing for her is in the works but I wanted to get peoples’ impressions on her Desecration pull. To me, it’s the single most stupidly broken thing in the game due to its abaility to effectively and instantly cancel every other move anyone in a fairly large radius is doing. Even a bad Galilea will routinely cancel everyone’s kit by sheer accident. A good one will instantly counter anything you try to do to stop her so you’re always in a lose-lose situation. It’s not remotely balanced. No other character can cancel abilities with instant speed like that, everyone else has a “wind up” on CC such that you’re forced to predict when a player might try to use a CC or evasive ability… Galilea can just watch for the start of everyone else’s skill animations and pull them out of it, both stopping the move and placing it on cd.

Removing the pull altogether would be a step in the right direction towards balancing her. She already has shield toss, which is a fair, fast, skill-based stun. She doesn’t need easy mode 10m 360 degree PBAOE team soft-stun bs…


This has been discussed extensively on various threads. Just search for “Galilea Balance”.

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When I play Galilea I take advantage of people that just gather together like if they are getting ready for a tea party. Drafting will help out but characters with burst potential do the most harm vs Gal and ofcourse melka too. Remember Galilea pulls everything to her so that means she doesn’t wanna move from that spot because she will try to get some kills and that will be the best time to burst with a character like Orendi, Deande, a bubble from Alani to set up a CC chain etc. Everyone really has to be spread out when facing her to make things work w/ communication. When she gets blight town that’s a whole other story because that helix is pretty OP. It’s also good to have a tank in your party too facing Galilea that can draw her desecrates away from the other teammates. I know she isn’t well balanced but I feel like when the draft mode comes out and people see that a Galilea was picked, people will have a easier time picking counters so the team doesn’t get beaten to a pulp by her.

Draft will help, definitely. A lot of times I avoid picking her just to not be a cheese factory only to have an eye-rolling match dealing with an enemy gal.

I personally think it’s quite balanced. Its radius isn’t that big, and if they take the Blight Town helix (increases Desecrate and pull radius) then they miss out on the slow, which is undoubtedly more useful in most gamemodes. I personally think the pull needs to be a bit further up the helix, maybe level 2 or 3, but should be left as is.

I think Galileas pull would be fine if it didn’t add a slew of cc with one button. Galilea has remained probably my most hated character and will probably stay that way until something about her changes. Dumb purple ball of angst


Her kit box is overflowing for sure. She has at least one too many things going for her.

It should be a choice between a slow, pull, or silence IMO


Have anyone tried to play Galilea without pull and silence?

I have and it’s not easy against any competent opponents.

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Yup, she feels… better, plus blight town makes teamfights scary for the enemy

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I didn’t include blight town or the slow… Both are great.

But without the pull everyone outrun Galilea (exept Montana and Galt) without the silence many battleborns have skills to push or escape.

I felt like garbage trying to make anyone stay after a stun. Galilea’s dmg is not great without 100% hp.

Yeh w/o em she feels normal. With em she feels like a one man army turbo gank machine that just gets more powerful the more enemies are around her.

It’s wierd when you think about it, I never initiate with shield or desecrate, I go in attacking and then use desecrate followed by shield throw, as for the 100% health thing, wile yes you need full health, the damage is just insane, and the other choice need to be fixed


Its wierd because a good number of her helixes are well, actually pretty good, like heal or damage over time, then there is an insane stuff like the silence and pull


After playing Ow and complaining about roadpork and his hook-insta kill i learned that Galilea tank style is like him.

She crestes a safe area for her team, boldur gets all the aggro, shane out position, Montana keep preasure.

Everyone tanks in a diff way.

Exactly. Overall, everything in her helix is just phenomenal. You could pick all of her worst helix choices and still have a capable character.

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Vs a competent team? Bad speed, bad dmg, low hp for a tank. I’m not saying she is not a good character, she will have her stun and her ult skill

Yes, In absolute seriousness, she has probably the adaptable balanced helix in the game, just in the worst organization possible

The damage is off set by desecrate, in Lane desecrate is area denial In its own right, personally I’ve never had a problem with her speed and low (for a tank) health because of shield, Her passive, if you look at your health at full corruption, you DEFINITELY notice it goes up quick

Her only passive I think need a buff are the sword buff without shield, skilled throw, and both level 10 helixes (though I think her ult needs changes)


I’m not a game designer but yeah that sounds like Galilea Helix. Almost every choice is good