Galilea's Pull Balance

Look I’m not a Galilea main but i have faced enough galileas to say, she is not the monster she used to be.

Range is the first counter to her pull, mid range and her stun is hard to land, if she misses her stun she becomes the weakest tank in the game.

If Galilea pulls just quick meele and watch for her hand/stun. Easy she Lost 2/3 of her kit. Anyone with a hard cc can cancel her ult.


It’s fairly hard to know when she is gonna desecrate, you can say range is a counter, yet that means she is gonna desecrate in a wave, get good amounts of health back, Her stun is easy at all ranges in my opinion, the velocity is crazy
Remember if she misses shield throw you still have good health with medium hitbox, a fantastic teamfight ability, and can get your physical shield back,

Remember she’s a Brawler, NOT an assassin, if they quick melee you can likely catch up anyway


You will learn with more experience in this game how predictable any Galilea becomes. I have played with a lot of skilled players and they all know how to easily make quick work of a skilled Galilea opponent. She is never a threat to such experienced players. She’s only very strong to those that fail to emphasize on her weaknesses and limitations.

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Most of the time I don’t see why you all complain about her so much. Since I started playing PvP (a bit after IDtGA and Anti-Hero were nerfed) I have yet to have an issue with a Galilea. I know that sounds biased coming from one of her biggest proponents, but it’s true.

And the AoE pull is one of the few things left that makes her feel unique, and I doubt they’ll ever take it away from her. You’d make a better case to ask for the silence and slow to be reworked.

And there are other AoE pulls in the game, as well as AoE hard CC and silences in various sizes. I swear 95% of the time, people whom complain about unique and interesting character specific abilities have some of the most boring thought processes IMO. And seem to drive Battleborn closer and closer to the level of blandness similar to that of other games, all for the sake of their close-minded understanding of the word “balance”. “Of course Thorn having ‘Vaulting Hunter’ isn’t balanced. If it was, everyone would have that helix level 7, but they don’t. Because ‘Vaulting Hunter’ is part of what makes Thorn, Thorn.”

This, this right here is just plain ■■■■■■■■. I could say more, but just… just… **Repent my child **


That’s exactly what I said to myself when I read that sentence, what are the chances? Lol. Clearly, it comes from a player that hasn’t played Gali as such against any competent opponents.


lol@the epeen

No, used right she can be a massive pain in any number of ways, especially compared to any other character. Just because a skilled team can gank a dumb gal doesn’t mean she’s not broken.


False. There is a small wind up on Desecrate. Not much for an obivious visual that she’s doing it but there is still a wind up.

Also false because Rath does the same thing with Catalytic Smash. It’s not as large of an AoE unless you go for Waveform and Catastrophic Smash (at that point it’s actually larger and by level 6 instead of 8) but it is farther and a decent Rath will hit several people with it in one use more that once per match.


Yes, Rath is the closest thing. but it’s slightly slower and isn’t 360 degree pbaoe.

Once again, False. Catalytic Smash isn’t slower. It’s just as fast, if not faster. And while it’s not a 360 degree CC it reaches farther. And Waveform Smash can increase the spread to hit in an even wider range while still having slightly farther reach than Desecrate.


Who really care’s about pulling the enemies behind you? And if you’re going on the whole “accidental” aspect, then to that I’ll just say that’s what happens with AoEs. Anything that isn’t directional through and through is going to have the ability to achieve something you may have not even been aiming for. Because that “room-for-error” which makes AoEs desirable also means they can effect multiple targets, which make they even more desirable.

If I could make my pull look like this_\l/_ instead of this -l- (crude, but hopefully you get the point), I’d take it any and every day. And is the problem with AoEs that have a “definite” center. And actually nerfs the pull’s range in practice, because 9 times out of 10 you’re not pulling anything from behind you.

That’s kind of the issue with Gals, though, isn’t it? Instead of being itself a unique and interesting ability, Desecrate just kinda acts like a “Greatest Hits” compilation of everyone elses’ unique and interesting abilities.

Take any ability in the game, compile a quick list of who can do it, and Gali is there:

For pullers, you have Shayne, Ghalt… and Gali.
For wounders, you have Mell, Caldy, Whiskey, ISIC… and Gali.
For AE slowers, you have Miko, Phoebe, Thorn, Marquis, Alani… and Gali.
For damage ampers, you have Reyna, Ambra… and Gali.

I am very fussy about which BB I play. Gali is my 5th most played PVP character (it goes something like Mellka at 570, Ambra at 120, Reyna at 80, Shayne at 75, and then Gali at 70). That’s because I find a ton about her to be fun, creative, and dynamic.

Except Descerate. Descrate is her Hawkeye. I’m personally very much looking forward to the rework.


Yes, she is a top tier character (second most powerful in my opinion) No one can deny that fact. However, she isn’t as strong as some players think she is. Gali does have a lot of weaknesses and limitations just like any other battleborn that affects her gameplay if they are emphasized by the opponents.

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Galilea is the only character the has a non-Ult AoE pull. That is the part I was referring to in regards to my response, since it’s the only thing the OP brought up.

And for the most part IMO you can’t use CC effects to define which characters are unique because of them. Only the ways that they impart them. Just like Mellka, Boldur, Kid Ultra, Caldarius, etc… are all bleed characters. But Mellka’s used to be a disruption tool that also buffed most of her kit at the same time, while something like KU’s is meant purely for damage. Plus you’re list would be a lot bigger if you finished it. And it would make it more prevalent that, even if they’re not all on one skill, at level 10 all characters have quiet a lot of CC.

But I’ve already said elsewhere that I personally would be fine if they removed her silence, slow, and both wounds if it would make people leave her alone. But the challenge someone has yet to take me up on is: “What would you replace those 4 helix choices with that would make them both satisfying and ‘balanced’?”

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She’s just laughingly unbalanced. There are meta comps that can make her life difficult but she’s a cheese factory in general. Characters have been balanced down for so much less.


As long as we’re being pedantic about it, you aren’t gonna be stopping Desecrate with a non-preemptive Smash so the distinction is purely academic. Also, you have to aim smash and it’s overall area is considerably less annoying even with max AoE helix choices.


I agree with you but most characters wouldn’t care about the aft pull while Gal’s effective goes up the more enemies she’s fighting simultaneously, so getting the aft pull is gross on her. Way more hits, faster corruption, more drain, and more killing in general. The closest ability in the game is Kleese’s Ult… which has a huge wind-up time for gtfoing. When a level 1 mutation is more OP than a character’s Ult, you know you’ve got some balance issues.


That’s my beef. Can pull as well as Ghalt w/o aiming. Can Damage Amp better than Ambra. Can silence waaaaay better than anyone else. Can slow as well as most. All while having great survivability and, despite what people say, ludicrous damage and wave clear.

She is, simply, way too good all around. When people defend her as is it reminds me of people defending the broken Boldur crap with the “oh, just have the entire team focus him and keep him chain stunned for 10seconds.”


I think what makes Gali stand out is her ability to perform multiple roles at the highest level. She can wave clear, push the sentry, disrupt enemy lines, disable strong targets, take Thralls, 100-0 squishies, shut down healers, catch mobile characters, tank through huge damage, self-sustain, etc. It makes her amazing in Meltdown because you can stick Gali in a lane and you’ve got so much covered.

Now, this doesn’t make her invincible or all-damaging or anything like that. It just means that, in a game that forces you to pick five characters and pick them carefully, she’s always going to be first choice. Always. I can’t imagine a competitive team comp that doesn’t make room for Galilea. She’s even monstrous in Capture and Face Off.

So while I don’t find her to be an immortal one-woman army, I also completely understand complaints that she has a disproportionate presence in this game.

I guess that’s also kind of my issue though: Desecrate just lands those effects on everyone around her with a tap of the button. It kinda bypasses any creative aspect of how these CCs might be applied.

Keep in mind, Desecrate wasn’t originally designed to work this way, and I think its original incarnation (while wildly OP) had a lot more character. The effects applied upon entering the Desecrate field, not just upon the cast. This played to Gali’s territorial style and spoke to her nature: this corrupted ground is mine.

Since its change, however, it’s much less OP, but it also feels like the temporary fix it is. Desecrate has very little personality now. It’s just a quick cast debuff.

For contrast, Mellka also has a slightly-overloaded skill, Spike: a small radius AE that applies her CC-class efffects (slow, venom, and potentially wound), drops a damage pool, and gets her moving again. But because two of these features are classic Mellka - venom and bouncy mobility - and because she’s the only person to leave a melee-range damage pool, it feels characteristic and distinctive. (Edit: mental lapse, Spike does not apply wound except on poisoned targets)

I don’t want to make Gali more bland. I want her to feel like the shadowy guardian of the chokepoint she is!

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Are there actually people out there who would really deny that Gali has amazing wave clear? I can’t remember the last Gali game I played that I didn’t get top minions :open_mouth:

I don’t know if you’ve seen the maximum AoE on Catalytic Smash. It’s pretty much everything in line of sight.[quote=“theavarchivist, post:34, topic:1552913”]
Can Damage Amp better than Ambra

For the third time now: False. Ambra’s sunspots have about 1/3 of the cooldown and with scorching strikes and provide the same 16% damage amp as desecrate. She can also deploy them at range.

Again, an academic distinction when you’re pulling everything in a huge radius INTO the damage amp then actively damaging it.

To be fair I find ambra no skill spam damage amp stupid

Ambra doesn’t need to pull everyone into the amp. She puts it down on them and can even have more than one at a time. I would say that Ambra is more effective at apply damage amp than Galilea because she can keep the amp active much longer and more consistently than Galilea.