Galilea's "Shield Bash" really needs a unique animation

Boldur has a unique animation for his shield bashes.

Galilea’s just uses her “Quick Melee” animation, which really doesn’t make much sense as she throws her shield for her quick melee, and she had her shield raised lol.

A shield bash is intended to force someone back while still defending with your shield, usually in situations of heavy assault where lowering your shield would mean your death… This animation make no sense in that context imo, as you have to LOWER your shield, then stretch your arm out forward and toss it.

*For anyone who doesn’t know (and honestly it’s not mentioned ANYWHERE so why would you), “Shield Bashing” is what “some” characters with a raised shield (i.e. Galilea and Boldur, but not ISIC) will do if you press the “Quick Melee” button while you have your shield raised.

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Actually, Boldur always uses his shield to quick melee. I don’t think shield bashes are a thing. @dwarfurious ?

Well his attack combo includes a smack from his shield but other than that yeah he just quick melees with his shield. Dont need to be blocking.

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Well then I’m really perplexed as to what a shield bash is.

One of Galilea’s helix mutations adds bleed damage to her shield bashes, so they exist… It would have said “quick melee” if that was what it meant, as it does in all other cases. :L

I think offhand melee is also quick melee

I think it’s the term for when you quick melee with the shield. No other character can lose their shield, so I’d imagine it wouldn’t bleed them if you quick melee without the shield.