Galilea's Shield Throw

tl;dr: Make her Shield Throw a wider projectile, give it less ricochet, and a better visual indicator to help you find her shield when it’s lying on the ground.

I’m not here to complain about the nerfs, because I think they were well deserved. For someone with as much sustain as Galilea, I definitely agree that it’s not okay to be able to take out Orendis and Thorns with 2 melee combos. However, what I am here to discuss is her Shield Throw.

Firstly, some quality-of-life changes (pardon my ranting, but as it’s a quality-of-life change, there’s little other reasoning I can provide):

  1. I believe that it needs to ricochet off of things MUCH less I mean that steel greatshield bounces like a hecking soccer ball, and if you miss it (which is easy to do, see below) you’re forced to either frantically scramble to go FIND the thing and then pick it up and then frantically scramble back to your team’s front line OR frantically scramble to run away because you can’t block, which is what your character is supposed to do.

  2. The visual indicator of where it lands is pitiful. Seriously, it looks like the little twinkle effect from when Team Rocket blasts off again in the Pokemon anime. How in the world is someone supposed to pick that tiny, camoflauged piece of visual data out of such a insanely hectic scene as a Battleborn teamfight? I lose that darn thing like Velma loses her glasses. It needs to glow with a distinct color through walls, or even make a little compass effect (similar to damage direction indicators in many FPS games) pointing in the direction it landed.

Now, for a buff. Yeah, I know she’s kinda strong, but hear me out for a second. I think that it needs to be a wider projectile. For 2 reasons:

  1. Concept: It’s a greatshield that covers the entirety of a human female’s upper body. Not a frisbee. Not a buckler shield. A greatshield.

  2. Balance: When you think about some of the other CC abilities in the game ahem RATH ahem KELVIN ahem it just doesn’t feel like it’s “good” enough (when I say that, I mean usability vs reward). All it takes is jump spam and you might as well just let them go. Especially given that missing the throw not only wastes the skill, but you’re left without a shield untill you pick the shield back up which literally renders you unable to use your secondary attack (blocking). Being able to block and absorb so much damage is what cause the recent nerfs to target her damage output, unless I’m mistaken.

Like/comment if you agree.

Thought this would be another ‘nerf galilea’ thread. Was pleasantly surprised. I agree that the visual indicator isn’t as… polished as some of the other skill indicators are though. As far as a wider projectile goes I have to disagree. It’s already got a stun so I don’t think it should be any easier to hit.

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@dr_kleese What about Rath’s 2-in-1 Dash + 2 second AoE knockup (usually followed by collision box juggling for more time spent airborne)? What about Kelvin’s self-guided high-speed AoE 2 second stun? What about Shayne & Aurox’s pull + stun that literally has a hitbox the size of Montana (no pun intended)?

Maybe the solution is to nerf those abilities rather than buff Galilea’s abilities, but most of the time I just don’t even use it. The risk of losing her shield and the consequences following doing so are too great.

It is good as It is in my experience. It is great skill becouse dealing good damage+2sec stun. It is quite hard to use, but rewards when you learn to hit. Use It when you feel its safe. Even you lose your shield you will get It back after a while and you block with your sword (just damage reduction though if im correct)
Shield projectile is faster than aurox (who wins in size) stun so they seem balanced.

Well, it must be bad because I had no idea I had to pick the damn thing up! I assumed when you threw it at an enemy it bounced back to you. So I’ve never seen it on the floor - which means YES it needs a visual update. (I find it hard to read the small text in the skills so I may have missed this point)

Compared to Boldur’s shield, it feels like a Frisbee as you mentioned. He hides behind that thing and is untouchable from ranged attack. Not had the chance to play as Boldur yet, hopefully I will during the beta.

Honestly Galilea really doesnt need anything to be made “easier”. Making the comparison that X character doesnt have same move as Y doesnt really work since theyre made to be different, for diversity and balance sake. It doesnt look at the big picture; i.e. Boldur doesnt have half the DPS she has nor does Rath have the durability/mitigation/healing.

Best thing I could suggest is the cliche get better @throwing the shield? Learn to lead the target when necessary…and if you just decide the moves not for you, theres the Helix that makes your sword damage greater when your shield is gone.

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@phiyaboi That’s not what I was getting at with comparing it to other characters. In Rath’s case especially, he can easily CC half of a team and proceed to kill all of those that are knocked up with his ultimate. Why does an assassin have such powerful CC? It doesn’t make any sense. By RPG conventions, assassins are meant to quickly get in, quickly kill a target, and quickly get out. A true assassin is one that trades all defense for more damage plus a little utility, and a little utility is not a mini Malphite ult (for league players). It’s a slow, a silence, a speed buff, etc. An assassin with strong CC in their kit to me is unhealthy for the game because it all-but-guarantees the kill.

The argument that “all characters are meant to be different” doesn’t really work here, unless Rath is meant to be broken as heck and Galilea is meant to be balanced.

Boldur doesnt have half the DPS she has.

Are you joking? Have you tried to 1v1 a Kelvin? He can EASILY out DPS you AND he has a finishing move that deals considerable damage. I’ve tried it many times as Phoebe and I just can’t do it. No matter how many times I True Strike with the two center mutations (150% damage and second AoE Hit), no matter how many hits I landed, I couldn’t do it. Kelvin hits like a freaking truck compared to Galilea, ESPECIALLY after the nerfs to her damage.

Honestly I think her healing needs a buff, too. You can’t soak damage nearly as well as you’d think (even at full corruption with the Chaotic Infusion mod) unless you have your shield. I guess the whole caveat to this ability is choosing between defense and offense.

@phiyaboi Also to what you said about Rath not having sustain:

When Rath damages an enemy’s health, he steals health worth 8% of the damage from melee attacks and 10% of the damage from skills.

I didn’t know this until I looked at it just now, and I’m sure you didn’t either to have made a comment like that.

Well first off you dont know what I know :smile: I know alot about this game and most all skills, their effects etc. Second I am well aware of Raths life steal; nowhere did I say he had “no” sustain…What I said was its Nothing compared to Galileas Healing/Tankiness and Shield therefore you cannot compare him having an easymode stun, he needs it she doesnt

Now…about Boldur, you use an example fighting with Phoebe as proof he has better DPS? Sorry it doesnt work like that, Boldur is a Tank and Phoebe is a melee Assassin…he has a crap Ton of Shields and mitigation to help counter whatever DPS your putting out.

Even post nerf Galilea still out DPS Boldur by a mile, you think a 15% reduction (equivalent to a piece of blue attack gear…less than that) to sword damage is going to bring her down to a Boldurs level damage wise when she was capable of killing nearly ANYone besides a Tank within 5-6 seconds after Shield stun??? Put it this way…2 pieces of purple Gear will basically put her at Pre-nerf Gally damage wise.

I posted this elsewhere but my second game after the patch I played alongside a Gally who went 29-0 so PLEASE dont try this need a buff stuff

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You shouldn’t be able to 1v1 Boulder (unless you can catch him by surprise). He’s a tank. His job is to hold multiple opponents in an area. Flank him with another player or a minion wave and force him to retreat.

So I feel kinda dumb. I went and looked at Boldur because I just unlocked him…and i realized that I’ve been talking about the wrong Battleborn this whole time. So replace every instance of me saying “Boldur” with “Kelvin”. The two look similar, sorry for the confusion. Lmao

Same argument though. Kelvin is a hit and run tank, Phoebe should struggle in a 1v1 without an advantage.

However he is dependent on hitting his chomps to remain sustainable. Stay mobile and wait for an opening when you know that sublimate and chop are on cooldown.

Kelvin is a tough character to play well so most that do play him have practiced and refined their skill with them, unlike a Montana who gets a lot of unexperienced people playing as him (being one of the initial unlocks)

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Ah well yeah that makes more sense. Thing with Kelvin is he has a “Chomp” skill which when used to kill (insta kills minor minions…) it adds permanent health…so if fed enough his health pool can get Enormous. Hes also the only Eldrid with a Shield (which was buffed in the patch) so yeah, he can theoretically soak a TON.

The trade off is it is an aggressive soak as opposed to defensive like the L2 shield for Gailea , Boulder, and ISIC. I feel it’s a pretty well balanced “risk-reward” play style.

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I think I already replied to this in another thread, but you should really play Rath for a few games. His sustain isn’t even half as good as I think you think it is. It’s not even noticeable unless you are ulting, or you talent for the huge increase to the auto attack sustain (in which case you can’t get it on skills, and tbh you’re likely not sticking on something long enough to AA it like that anyway). Super easy to burn through, and if he’s not hitting anything, he’s comically easy to pick off as he’s running away.

As far as Galilea’s shield, I think she’s in a good place. The visual indicator is necessary for sure, and she could stand to have a little bit of size on it (it does look like a frisbee), but it’s not as if she’s wholly worse off for it. I’d call those QoL improvements.

They nerfed her?.. I am so out of the loop, I didn’t know. I mean i could tell Somthing was up because i wasn’t in easy mode anymore but i always played her as a sustainable zone controller so this just means i can’t 1v3 anymore im okay with that, 1v2’s are still possible and no one can 1v1 you up close (bar a rath ultimate) so i don’t mind xD