Galilea's Silence Seems a Bit... Weak Now?

So I was playing Mellka earlier, and Galilea kept yanking me into Desecrate, but the silence couldn’t keep me locked down. The recent patch (5-23-2016) made the silence only apply on cast… but how long does it last? Because I felt that the silence was NOT doing its job. Just my two-cents though, let me know if you guys have a timeframe for her silence and how you think she is now.

Galilea is trash at this point, everyone complained too much and this is what happens

Not entirely sure how it works (and I don’t play her) but maybe you have to be in the AoE when it is cast for it to apply? Or is it the area is affected for x seconds?

With the way the patch notes read, it sounded like the area was affected for -X- seconds. Not sure though. If it is, then her vortex augment is completely pointless.

I was scared that it would happen…

It lasts for three seconds, the same as every other silence in the game. It’s not supposed to completely immobilize enemy players, and now it doesn’t.

Everyone’s complaining about gal because she can’t just Wade in swinging anymore, she’s a defender with a shield, she’s not meant to.

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One character down, as expected. Let’s hope people don’t find too much fault with other characters.

If by “down” you mean fixed, then yes it is expected.



Galilea is still quite strong and has more CC utility than any other character in the game, I think: pull, silence, stun, etc. They didn’t remove any of her core functionality, just brought it in line with how every other character in the game works. I still see her wrecking lots of people.


I agree to this. I just saw my friends play on stream. Galilea still wrecks!

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Honestly, I think she still does too much damage for how tanky she is and how much control she has. Was playing meltdown a few minutes ago and it felt pretty awesome when I finally got Attikus leveled up high enough I could go toe to toe with her without getting smushed in 2 seconds flat. Of course, that was level 7+ and the match was nearly over, but we came back to win (in spite of me)

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I play a lot of galilea and she’s still beasting for me. You admittedly can’t go in all Rambo anymore but if you play as part of the team she’s still great!

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I haven’t tried it out yet, but according to patch notes, all debuffs applied by Desecrate are apply when Desecrate is cast, not its full duration. Which means that you can’t cast Desecrate anywehere then run from enemy to another to lock them down completely anymore. The key word is positioning and timing. Use your stun, lure them a bit, and activate it when they are in its range. This is how Galilea meant to be played, not as a one-lady-army, cc-ing an entire team down.

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This is how I was hoping she would be played; the damage nerf she received helped a little bit, but her kit was still too strong that the damage nerf didn’t matter. I like seeing tanks require team follow-up, much like Montana and Kelvin.


I thought she was fine (I didn’t use her once I saw the overwhelming forum threads, I mean facing her), so now I’m excited to crush her into the ground. The only think that ever bothers me is when I shoot her legs and her shield makes her entire front invincible :stuck_out_tongue: