Galilea's Silence - too powerful?

Being able to stop people using abilities I can live with - I just avoid engaging her at close range or take her on with someone else’s help. I’ve come to accept that Galilea is not someone I can beat 1 on 1 unless I out-level her.

However I tried to use ISIC’s Plasma Dash to stun her so an ally could escape and as soon as I crossed the threshold of her silence-buffed desecration thing, I stopped moving and got my ass handed to me as well.

That, to me, is waaaay overpowered. It makes it so she literally can’t be stunned whilst she’s inside her own desecration (unless another character has a long-range stun move I’m not familiar with, but I never see anyone use it if they do.)

Silence only activates upon cast it is no longer constant with the new patch that its

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^ This right here

Except the silence patch was already there and it stopped ISIC’s plasma dash mid-charge. I’d used the skill, I targetted on the other side of the field, I got stopped and silenced mid-charge.

Else I wouldn’t have made this post :b

Well that is an issue then! Maybe the gali was hack pro and avoided the patch

Did she activate it at the moment you hit her or at least just before? Charging into her field does nothing now

It may last a few seconds after activation. Not sure?

Or you could have mis-judged distance, got caught on the map? Number of things could have happened. Unless you get it on recording then no one can tell you for sure. But it only lasts on activation now. And even before you could finish your move when silence was active. I play Gal, a lot. So this was either a one time bug, geometry glitch or even desecrate pull.