Galilea's theme

Hello, i was wondering, could devs unveil the mystery behind the song that is playing in this video?

There’s no video linked in your post.

Are you thinking of Galilea’s Skill Overview video?

Yeah, of course, so sorry, forgot to link that ><

No worries, just wanted to clarify!

As far as the music goes, I’ll leave it to someone else to answer as I don’t know myself. My guess would be that that video is the only one with that music and was especially created for that purpose.

While it’s not an answer to your question, you can find certain Battleborn music on Raison Varner’s Sound Cloud
I’m not sure how I’s link an account from a mobile device, so I simply linked a random song. Regardless, you can find some Battleborn music here, including map music and unreleased music.

Thanks mate, i’d love to listen to Overgrowth’s or monuments theme anytime! Still would like to know galilea’s theme

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