Galileas uLt is damage invisibility not reduction

So I really don’t have a problem playing against a galilea as a I main shayne. However galileas ult says she takes REDUCED damage. Whenever I see her use it I’ve tried testing it out and hitting the big blob on the ground and no hit markers have registered unless it is a cc movery that cancels it. Was this a mixup where she can take no damage? I don’t mind it however the fact she can use her ult without punishment is a mishap I think.

when galilea is in her ult and orendi uses shadow pillar she can still get hurt by it and similar skills

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what if I play as Phoebe? i cant kill her can I?

i dont know exactly but maybe her ult could hurt her idk tho

Im pretty sure all AOE affects her in her ultimate. She gets knocked out of it by many different skills. Also it takes 2 seconds of animation before she goes under and she becomes an exposed immobile target.

It heals up to 250 life and she becomes an enormous floor target. Although I love it and use it strategically to get away or get behind someone, it’s pretty lackluster compared to others and the health and reduced damage is all it has so please don’t say it needs fixed or adjusted.