Galilea's Ultimate Damage Typo?

So, in her ultimate description it reads she deals around 100 damage over 4 seconds.

It’s this real amount dealt throughout the 4 seconds, or is it 100~ per second over 4 seconds?

Because, even with all Galilea OP chatter around, 100 damage over 4 seconds for ultimate seems extremely weak to me.

It also heals her, and makes her pretty much invulnerable to damage so she gets to position however she wants. Utility > damage in this case.

I know that. The “extremely weak” statement was regardning only the damage. And no, it doesn’t renders her invulnerable, I died inside her ult numerous times. Also, any crowd control aborts it.

Regardless of anything, it’s not a balance thread. I don’t claim her ult as a whole to be weak, all I ask is if the description is correct, because with that damage I just wonder why they even put damage on her ult.