Galilea's ultimate

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Been playing Galilea a lot lately and I always either get pulled out of it or die pursuing a kill when using it. So I looked at her skills because of this and her ultimate does 125 damage OVER 4 SECONDS. What? What in the ■■■■ is this? That’s like, half of a shield. Sure, she regenerates a little health during it. But the fact that nearly every cc in the game pulls her out of it, who cares. This is literally the most worthless ultimate in the game. It makes Toby’s ultimate look like the beam of god

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That’s why you have to use it when you know your enemies can’t counter it. It’s also why I save a skill to pull her out of it when she tries diving on me. The ultimate is fine as an escape. The problem is you keep getting outplayed if they are saving CC just to prevent it.


Against teams without good coordination or CC, Gali’s ult is a fine escape and stalling tool. It’s especially nice in Face Off because it gives her health going into the boss battle and immediately after (the boss warp resets all cooldowns.) And if the enemy insists on holding off on their CC just in case Gali ults, well, that’s her doing the best possible job she can as a tank - squishier team mates will benefit from the breathing room afforded.

I think other characters (Shayne, Kelvin) have considerably less impressive ults than Gali. It’s not one of the best, but among the less inspiring ones, it’s perhaps the most solid.


But very few characters _dont_have CC in this game.

Also, Kelvin’s, really? I find his ult to be very, very effective

To be fair, Gali herself has such a high performance kit with Desecrate alone, nevermind her stun and her DPS output at full health, that I don’t think many people mind her lackluster ult. She would be even more powerful if she had her entire kit AND a reliable escape that can’t be easily countered.

If you want to use the ult you need to make sure you’ve already juked the enemy into wasting their CC abilities. Gali is a territorial character after all, she should be facing the enemy on her terms, not their’s.

The problem with Kelvin’s wall is that it’s finicky with whether it will stun or not, and because it can hinder your team just as much as it can hinder the enemy team, which makes it poor performance in random pubs. It can be useful, but compared to other ults it just doesn’t impress.

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Hm, I suppose you have a point. Maybe I’m just using the ult at the wrong moments. I really want to use the ult to finish someone off as they escape back into their team but the damage is so insanely low that maybe that’s not what I should use it for. It seems that it’s best use could be to escape as the rest of the enemy team collapses on your 1v1 attempt. Still, the fact that 80-90% off CC effects pull her out of it and over 50% of characters have CC still stacks the odds against her as there is a good chance they will just pull you straight out of it.

Maybe I should supply some context. Played against an Ambra, Kleese, and enemy Galilea in the same match. Kleese’s ult, Ambra’s ritual of repulsion (honestly who doesn’t get that helix), and galilea’s vortex all pull her out of it. It was an absolute nightmare in every sense of the word

Since this is up here I had a question… Sorry if I derail

Can you damage gali in her ult? Do all ccs affect her in her ult?

It’s the way the CC is applied. I wouldn’t imagine a Ghalt hook or KU stun could pull her out (because they are aimed?) but aoe/untargeted CC sure does. And her ult description says she takes reduced damage, but I don’t ever feel I lose health during it, nor do I damage enemy Galileas in it. That’s actually something I’ve been meaning to test, thanks for the reminder

Yay I helped!

I was told that gali could take damage while in her ult but nothing ever seemed to happen. It does seem however that only certain types of stuns and knock ups work. Mostly the aoes like lumberjack knock up dragons stun splash and… Someone else’s I am forgetting… But ones like shield stun sublimate and prolly stun spore don’t seem to work

Stun spore is one I want to try out. To me, that one seems like it would take her out of it

I think Toby’s arc mine can stun her out of it. I’m not quite sure because it happened earlier but I wasn’t sure if I just hit her as she was coming up out of the ground or if I actually stunned the gali.

Nope. Nope. Nope. First prize goes to Kidu with an ultimate that only ever gets used exactly 10 times - for the completion of the lore challenge - and then, never seen, heard or felt again (R.I.P.)

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You never (or very very rarely) use her ult offensively. It’s a pretty good “oh ■■■■!” skill when you see that you’re about to get toasted. + if you pick the right helix at lvl 3 and you see you need like ~200-300 hp to get to the max and there is no healer around, just pop the ult, get to max hp and start shooting them bolts.

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What!? His ult is actually quite good. Mostly because it’s on a skill level cooldown

I would appreciate his ult more if it wasn’t based on his speed, which is dead stopped if he so much as twitches within a ten mile radius of any slight geometry. The maps are a bit odd and unstable sometimes, so the speed loss becomes very irritating when a perfectly timed ult gets ruined by a minion who just has to be half an inch to the left of it’s group or a rock is jutting out just enough to stop you.


Nope Sublimate works. Happened to me in capture yesterday. I had to record the video to make sure that Sublimate was what got me. It was. If that is what Kelvin’s stun is called.

Kid ultras ult is amazing, disrupting the enemy and burst heal AOE is great especially on a skill level cooldown

Only time you should use her ultimate to damage people honestly when they are near death or you are initiating an attack with your teammates, her ultimate isn’t like most. 95% of the time I use it as an escape.

Kid Ultras ult is awesome! It’s on a 30 second cooldown. It can burst heal your team, push back the enemy, OR it can be used as an escape! OR all 3 at the same time. :smiley:

using gal’s ult in conjunction with desecrate will open your eyes to its utility and get you past the slump of desecrate pulls and ult escapes; her kit is quite versatile and should be branched, utilized in accordance with both teams’ badasses…