Galiliea unlock challenge doesnt work for actual game

I already have well over a 1000 minion kills to unlock galilea but it didn’t work for her and I’m not waiting for level 12 to get her taking to long to level so upset I pre ordered and bought the deluxe edition and I cant even play character I paid for.

Same for me. Only thing I can think of is Minions are a specific type of AI

I think “minions” are the little guys in Competitive Multiplayer.

70% sure.

No idea if you can get them through AI “pvp”

Probably right

It states any AI meaning multiplayer or campaign story mode AI that’s how it worked in the beta when I reached the 800 minion kills and its the exact same challenge I guess it just bugged and they wont fix it

I do believe “minions” specifically means “robotic minions.” So there are like 3 primary types of minions you fight, they include, thralls, valesari, and minions (as in the LLC minion robotics creations, since that’s the name of the main Company controlling the LLC). So if you want to unlock galilea, you have to do levels like algorithm where the majority of the enemies are minion robotics robots and that will get you her unlock. Much like only killing thralls helps you get Atticus. The problem is the in game meter shows you all enemies destroyed no matter what kind so you won’t know how close you are. Hope this helped!

That is a good point and would be the case but it states minions of any type the beta when the number of AIS hit 800 you insta locked her meeting the challenge and still says minions of all types.

I think the current error is “minions” is poorly defined and used in their definitions, I may be incorrect though. Hopefully the issue is resolved quickly though