Gali's new helix choices - what are people taking?

I tried out the new Galilea tonight and found myself pretty impressed. I’ve wanted a female tank for as long as this game has been out, but Gali was always too much of a disruptor one-woman wrecking ball for me to feel really comfortable about using her. Now she finally feels like a balanced close-quarters territorial tank: I enjoy standing in her Desecrate field to face down massive firepower and creep the frontline forward.

I’m still not sure about some of the new options, though, so let’s talk.

So far, I’ve been taking:

1 - the wound, unless there’s no heals on the enemy team obviously, in which case I take the shield return
2 - the wound. I’ve been avoiding the shield bounce in PVP because I want it to be where I tossed it
3 - I’ve been going left - charge corruption while blocking. Has anyone played around with the bleed vs lasers now?
4 - I’ve been taking the DR mutation because it sounds amazing on paper. Feels tanky.
5 - I’ve been going Last Light all the way. Good synergy with L3, and building for damage with Antihero just seems pointless now. I don’t see the point of The Pact when the best reason to build corruption fast is Last Light, and you can’t have both.
6 - Dark Age for longer DR.
7 - the new Duelist for help with late game waveclear. It also benefits from Dark Age. Mirror Knight’s RNG bugs me
8 - This is the hardest level for me. Blight Town would let me defend a wider patch, but Left and Right are way too tempting. I’ve been going Right. (dmg amp) because late game waves are hell for Gali to clear atm. Has anyone played much with Left (weakness)? Just how tanky does she get with it?
9 - Tideturner, like before. Shield Throw becomes a better desperate escape, and it means you can stun runners and catch / finish them before they recover and get out
10 - I’ve been going Right so that I pop up with full Last Light. Is Left good for anything?

Also just a note on gear: I’ve been running regen + regen, DR + regen, and a free shard gen. Anyone vary much from this?


The bleed is still bad because it pushes the enemy away (quick melee) and due to the fact it isn’t easy to add it into the attack combo. Rath has the spin cancel I think it would be great for gali to have something similar but it just doesn’t work.

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Yeah I figured. Just wondered if it might now have a use to toss on turrets, minions, Thralls, whatever - things you don’t mind knocking back and sometimes actually should - because Gali needs all the damage help she can get.

Also I’m used to my melee knocking things away :expressionless:

Lasers are basically pointless at point blank range now, right?


I guess you could add the bleed damage to enemies you want to knock back like you said.

The argument is how you want to keep your corruption stacks up, either by hitting things with laser beams or by blocking damage. I guess that’s all up to you.

My gear I’ve been running is regen + regen, DR + regen, cooldown + cooldown on melee hit. (Leads to faster cooldown on shield throws and desecrate)

I choose the same choices but I go with lv 6 R for regen on shield return and lv 8 L weaken on desecrate.

Sword beams are weak but it still buffs Gally’s corruption fast so you can take advantage of last light. All the regen heals you quite a bit, especially with your ult. Makes your healers life a lot easier.

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What is this spin cancel I keep hearing about? Is it for his ult, or his helix choice?

Edit: the only thing I can think of is using your altfire or offhand during the melee spin combo animations, but I’m not even sure if that’s possible.

Edit2: Nevermind, I searched for it. Figures blaine would know it lol. Gotta say, mad respect to whoever tested that. Rath is now actually a threat. Noted.


Glad I could help.

Lol if you’ve got any other tricks I should look out for, I’m all ears.

Ummm…you’ve asked a rather broad question haha. I do believe there is a thread with lots of tips on. Unless there are specific tips you’re looking for?

Oh, my b. I’ll look around myself.

Lol its almost funny how little I know about Battleborn when it isn’t Whiskey Foxtrot related.

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My build takes a different approach, and aims for more of a skill damage focus.

1L - cooldown for more stuns, the shield return makes this less risky, and it has synergy with 2L

2L - this does way more damage than it says, and allows a late game shield throw to deal over 700 damage to the stunned target.

3R - still a decent DPS boost, and also helps get corruption going.

4R - I like to place desecrate where my enemies want to be more than where I want to be, and this is the only option that helps with that. It’s also a good source of wave clear.

5L - great regen if you can get to high corruption, and makes Gali much more durable

6L - more area denial and wave clear on desecrate

7R - more damage in desecrate makes for even better wave clear or burst damage against enemy players caught in the slow

8L - yet another debuff for desecrate, makes anything caught in desecrate much less dangerous

9L - more damage for shield throw, which hits really hard by this point in the game

10R - more damage from corruption and more healing from last light

My gear (for incursion) is a free shard generator, a common regen, and Bola’s Target Finder. The cheap gear allows me to play more of an econ role early on, with BTF providing some late-game firepower.

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I’ve started taking Herald’s Return (L1) instead of the Desecrate wound (R1) because I’ve fallen in love with spamming the shield stun. The loss in wound potential is compensated a little by the fact that the shield-throw wound (R2) is available much more often; with a piece of cooldown + cooldown gear, it feels like I always have the skill up when I need it. It’s also awesome to be able to snipe from range and know the shield will find its way back to my hand.

But that said: besides red/yellow bar stuff, I am having trouble with the shield connecting (enemy flashes, takes damage) but not inflicting a stun. I had one game on Coldsnap where I landed pretty much every shield toss, yet only saw a handful of stuns the entire game. What’s the deal here?


I believe this has been an issue with most CC and abilities that affect enemy players like that since one of the updates, either the f2p update or the Supercharge update. It’s most notable on Shaurox, with Aurox constantly connecting but not pulling or stunning, even sometimes phasing right through to someone behind the target. It’s a little less pronounced on other characters, but you can still feel it. It seems abilities like Fetch, Shield Toss, etc just randomly bug out.

As to why, couldn’t even begin to conjecture. My best idea is that something got tweaked to how projectiles with CC effects work, or there was a tweak to something else in the code that had a chain reaction into them, and caused them to bug out. Could also be a server side issue, like what I assume the Marquis bug is.


Today this happened to @Darth_Huggles

Beautiful isnt it? Well not only his ult didnt work, his shield tose didnt hit and disapeared, making him a defender without a stun.

Pinging @JoeKGBX

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That happened to me last night too! Shield toss broken and no ult at level 5. I had to quit and rejoin the game to get it back, and of course me being gone for a minute led to our sentry getting wiped.

Gali is way buggy :frowning:


Thx for sharing how to fix it. I got a persistent bug once, she didnt have helix options… I was a lvl 5 with 0 helix options.

It was like playing overwatch :joy:

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She gets pretty damn tanky with the weakness.

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This has happened to me a number of times as well with Galilea. Quitting and rejoining is the only way I’ve found to fix it. At least it’s reliable, I’ve never had the problems continue after rejoining.