Gallia seems like she needs a rework or something

i know what some people are going to say shes not op and dosent need to be fixed but well when she has a one trick like ghalt usted to and can just stun and insta kill you in a matter of seconds dont you think its a little bit well broken and trust me i would know i used to love her got her lore and everything but thats besides the point its the fact that if i play anyone like miko whisky even shayne sometimes if i get stuned and shes at full health its almost a 100 percent im dead and thats it which is kinda like ghalt dont you think but whatever i just kinda wanted to put my opinion out but thair is a lot more i could say but im to lazy to do it i dont know what do you guys think


If she tries to stun you and misses thats it… the shield is gone and your still mobile…

So if she has full health, thats the thing… it’s like the Helix choice says “It’s dangerous to go on your own”

She can’t stun Multiple enemies, so she has to pick and I’m sure if the other guy is a Montana using his Trusty Mini-Gun to burn away her health/shields she’ll run quicker than a Stealthed Pendles with a speed buff and a Go-Go-Juice.

She’s getting a rework soon along other Thorn. They couldn’t fit it in this patch. So you would be correct. Congratulations!


Give her a foam sword and a pillow for a shield. She’ll be ok then


naw a marshmallow shield would be better lol

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Only if she screams agressively “Pillow Fight” when using her shield throw.


Paragraphs? Formatting? Pretty Please?

I do agree she possibly needs a rework, but not a nerf. Her stun is one of the hardest to land in the game, and even if you have a support behind you who just continuously heals you while you’re stunned you can still make it out with enough health to retreat.

Galilea’s like El Dragon - Very strong in the right hands, but not without an effective counterpick. Kleese’s Tazer just goes straight through her shield and can take her down in a few seconds, and Thorn (past level 5) can be excellent as long as she stays mobile. Thorn’s level 5 right helix can also be useful, as it bypasses her shield as well.

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Her stun is very easy to avoid and it’s hard to hit against a mobile character that doesn’t move in a predictable matter (if you are playing on consoles).

A skilled Benedict player also shuts her down completely

Did the devs stated that? if so, can you link a source? Or is it your assumption?

The devs stated a rework so long ago. At this point I don’t trust them with balancing. They keep screwing up so many toons. They do multiple buffs/nerfs to a single character through one update and without prior tests or logical explanations.

I believe it was pre AMA, but I don’t know specifically

This rework was proposed months ago. I don’t want Galilea nerfed, I want her reworked so it’s not just press one button to litter your enemy with status effects and ccs

if they make this into a skin combined with a special yell because of it I might actually purchase a skin

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rework galilea? hahahahahahahaha

That character always need rework, since beta XD

Because she was always amazing. Dodging her shield doesn’t make up for the fact that she has so much ways into confirming in the middle of a match it alongside the fact that pull into shield is a thing

It’s the threat of her cc that’s so overwhelming like ghalt

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Gal is cancer in the current meta. Gal w pocket healer is super cancer. Gal w pocket healer and legendaries is ultra mega terminal cancer. Seeing her at all makes me roll my eyes right outta my head. It’s a testament to how good the game is overall that it’s tolerable with such an utterly unbalanced character in it. I feel like a scumbag when I run her because of how broken she is, but most PC stacks will run her if they see another stack and it really sucks the fun outta the game.

It’s not just Gali though. I really think that Ernest is just as obnoxious, and Benedict is right behind them.

And Pillar Storm is still the most ridiculous mutation in the game imho.


All those things are obnoxious but they not broken at lvl 1. Bene gets gross, Orendi is gross end game, Erny’s annoying, gal’s pull is bs at lvl 1 and just gets worse from there. Sword lasers + silence is gg if she’s pockets w/o a team of hard CC to counter.

I don’t really agree Gali is broken at level 1, because she doesn’t have the crazy lane sustain and damage that comes to define her later. She still needs to be pocketed at that level. It’s not until 5 that she really doesn’t give a damn about pocket healers anymore.

Ernest, meanwhile, is bouncing grenades around corners in Monuments or down the stairwell in Echelon from the moment he gets into lane. I really think he’s the worst level 1 offender for pure cheese.

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Yeh sry meant pocketed Gal. Ernest is cheese too but I find it’s manageable cheese except with combined with like, a Bene or Gal.

Ernest should be a nice plump target, but when is he not covered by a Benedict and protected by a Gali these days :confused:

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