Gallilea is too strong

NO FUN !Regret buying this game!
And where‘s my DD edition rewards!

She was nerfed the other day already…


I find Whiskey Tango works well against her. Just finished up a match against a team with a Galilea and I went 5-0 against her using WT. Just hang back and try to use slows, stuns and ranged attacks. If she gets close, run away. Reyna also has a helix skill that removes debuffs from friendlies. You could shoot that onto a friendly Rath and he could just ult her to death pretty easily without getting silenced. You could probably also use it to end her stun early so your teammate could run away or surprise her. Miko’s slow/stun would also be a good way to let your ranged characters have a shot at her.

She’s a very strong 1v1 character, so the best method to use against her would be to hop on the team chat and make sure people are focusing her when she’s out in the open.


she’s shield absorbe same damage at any level, why not to change this

She has many more nerfs coming. Just be patient if you can. Super frustrating to play against, especially with another melee character.

She has been nerfed 2 times already and she is going to get reworked

I think you just dont have the experience to deal with a good galilea. You are not supposed to take her on “one on one”. After she desecrates the ground beneath her you should leave imidiatly

Since the hotfix this week I see Gali getting crushed regulary in PVP and she isn’t
dominating every match when it comes to kills and all.

What is missing from your Digital Deluxe Edition rewards, a little more info would be nice.

People have been complaining about her since the early betas. Almost as much as phoebe was… Honestly though, this game can’t be balanced to where every character has equal chance against any other, that would be boring. My Ghalt eats Gallilea for breakfast - Here’s a tip, AOE CC can break her shield AND her ult.

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Yeah Ghalt is the anti-Galilea IMO, loved destroying her when I was mastering Ghalt. I’m mastering El Dragon right now and when a good Gali sees me Dragon Splashing or Clothesline, she will just pop her desecrate and instantly silence me, negating all the skill damage, etc. A decent Gali can be very frustrating to play against if you are another melee character. And of course “just avoid her”, but you have to try to push the lane at some point. Thus, the nerfs/reworks coming

I’m sorry, WHAT?!

You sir, are a god amongst men #mlgpro

I just hit his ultimate and dump 75 rounds into her back when she’s focusing on someone else. Usually does the trick.

Edit: I should also mention that my friend was playing a Reyna build that could give me 48% bonus damage against her when Reyna popped both her skills off lol.


True but that wasn’t really a good nerf too. Who cares about less damage on greatsword and shield throw? Majority of her damage comes from “It’s dangerous to go alone” stacked with “Antihero” and to top it off, a slow, a silence, a pull and a damage over time effect. And if things goes crap, you have “Abyssal Form” to save you.

She’s broken. And she’s so broken that she deserves another round of nerfs.

And before it comes up, I am a 15/15 Galilea and been maining her pretty much since release. I know how she works, I know how to counter her, but despite that I still feel that she is too strong.

Her desecrate needs reworking and so does her helix skills with focus on “It’s dangerous to go alone” and “Antihero”.

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Wasn’t she just nerfed again recently? I sure hope this game doesn’t just turn into nerfed city where every char gets nerfed into the ground to keep ppl happy.

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Yes, they reduced greatsword damage with 18% and Shield Throw damage with 33%.
Her Shield Throw damage wasn’t a problem. And that pesky nerf on greatsword isn’t really that much of a nerf.

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battlenerf nerfborn merp :kissing: galliea nerf 3 inbound.

She’s getting one

Battleborn Battleplan: 5/12/16

Didn’t they fix her ability to attack while sprinting too or has that fix not happened yet?

Not yet.

Weird ya would have thought they would do it all at once.

She is being fixed she is so broken that lowing her damage isnt a enough and they know that she being reworked but that cant be changed in a hotfix.

yes galilea is very strong, but also very predictable in her ways of attacking.
If you play against a player who knows how to overcome those obstacles, you will have an insanely difficult time to kill her.
But the same could be said for el dragon, OM, marquis, ghalt, kleese, ISIC.

If you know how to play your character well, every character is insanely strong.
I don’t think she needs a nerf, people just got to figure out how to kill her.
i’ve never had any problems with galilea on the enemy team being to strong to kill.
sure she is a pain in the ass, but no more then a deande or phoebe.

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