Gallilea is too strong

I just hit his ultimate and dump 75 rounds into her back when she’s focusing on someone else. Usually does the trick.

Edit: I should also mention that my friend was playing a Reyna build that could give me 48% bonus damage against her when Reyna popped both her skills off lol.


True but that wasn’t really a good nerf too. Who cares about less damage on greatsword and shield throw? Majority of her damage comes from “It’s dangerous to go alone” stacked with “Antihero” and to top it off, a slow, a silence, a pull and a damage over time effect. And if things goes crap, you have “Abyssal Form” to save you.

She’s broken. And she’s so broken that she deserves another round of nerfs.

And before it comes up, I am a 15/15 Galilea and been maining her pretty much since release. I know how she works, I know how to counter her, but despite that I still feel that she is too strong.

Her desecrate needs reworking and so does her helix skills with focus on “It’s dangerous to go alone” and “Antihero”.

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Wasn’t she just nerfed again recently? I sure hope this game doesn’t just turn into nerfed city where every char gets nerfed into the ground to keep ppl happy.

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Yes, they reduced greatsword damage with 18% and Shield Throw damage with 33%.
Her Shield Throw damage wasn’t a problem. And that pesky nerf on greatsword isn’t really that much of a nerf.

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battlenerf nerfborn merp :kissing: galliea nerf 3 inbound.

She’s getting one

Battleborn Battleplan: 5/12/16

Didn’t they fix her ability to attack while sprinting too or has that fix not happened yet?

Not yet.

Weird ya would have thought they would do it all at once.

She is being fixed she is so broken that lowing her damage isnt a enough and they know that she being reworked but that cant be changed in a hotfix.

yes galilea is very strong, but also very predictable in her ways of attacking.
If you play against a player who knows how to overcome those obstacles, you will have an insanely difficult time to kill her.
But the same could be said for el dragon, OM, marquis, ghalt, kleese, ISIC.

If you know how to play your character well, every character is insanely strong.
I don’t think she needs a nerf, people just got to figure out how to kill her.
i’ve never had any problems with galilea on the enemy team being to strong to kill.
sure she is a pain in the ass, but no more then a deande or phoebe.

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Exactly my thoughts.

Yeah but my problem is just because someone plays a character well dosnt mean that character is OP. Yes, i can see how she is before everyone jumps down on me, but for me personally id rather go head to head against galilea then galt. Galt in pvp wreaks but thats because the people playing him know how to use him best. I just dont want a community where if one hero is slightly better everyone calls nerf, id your a thorn maybe you shouldn’t try to 1v1 gal at close range, i play gal a bit and can still easily be killed (Galt grr). I guess it depends on which map your playing because i can see how in capture you end up 1v1 with her, but in something like incursion you have a full party with you a few stuns and shes down.

but again i do think she could use more tweeking.

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I sure hope they begin reducing the quantity of enemies in PvE, if the heroes are continually nerfed as the result of PvP complaints.

Galilea is still way too strong. The nerf helped, but not enough. I was running a pre-made team last night in incursion. We had a match that I’m looking at the stats from right now. Galilea ended the match 30-3 k/d.

Were we getting rolled by the enemy or something? Nope. The final kill total was 42-39 them.

The galilea accounted for 3/4ths of the enemies’ kills an less than 10% of their deaths. That’s insane and utterly broken. She would simply charge right into our team and kill everyone 1 by 1 while the entire team focused her. She had nearly 3 times the damage done as anyone else on her team. She took almost the same amount of damage as their tank(Boldur. She was shy of his damage taken by about 500 damage.

She still simply isn’t fun to play against. Her ability to win 1v1s despite having no weaknesses and far too many strengths? Fine, I’ll give her a 1v1 situation despite the imbalance. But to win 1v2s consistantly? That’s a problem. 1v3s? Even worse. And so on. I’m tired of seeing entire teams wiped by one Galilea.

She’s broken, but she’s not. Her character is very well balanced for the PvE segment, and for PVP it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to handle her. She’s really easy to control, especially before she gets her ult up.

Just remember, CC is your friend. Her biggest weakness is that she absolutely has no real crowd control. If she throws her shield she’s left twiddling her thumb and waiting to die. I’ve seen a good marquis slam galilea against the wall every fight during team fights, it’s just a matter of patience, and team work.

Now why I say she’s still broken, is that like boldur, she can control group fights incredibly well if no one has stuns for her. If she walks over a ghalt trap, GG she’s done for quick. If she throws away her shield and misses, GG she’s done for quick. There are so many situations where she is out of the fight in a few seconds, and it is on the team to make sure she hits one of them. Too many times when I PVP people pick characters like Shayne and are surprised when their first engagements go poorly against a well balanced team with 4 aoe stuns.

To put this in perspective: Complaining about Galilea in battleborn is like complaining about Drow in Dota because your team is entirelyi made of ADCs.

Not a bad read the only problem I have with it is the terribly wrong name you used for Whiskey Foxtrot. I get it if it’s your own nickname for him but the credibility of this post will rise with the correct name.

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If she throws her shield and she hits the target (which any good Galilea will do), she’ll just have it back. A good Galilea will pull the enemy first if he/she has no clear shot and then stun which is pretty much a guaranteed hit.
And your comparison to Drow Ranger halters. Galilea is more like N’aix in 5.78 or Riimaru when he had invisible as first skill and not as his ultimate. There’s a reason why both of them were banned in tournaments but they could still be countered. Now, why is that?

All of your points are valid for every single character. But as someone mentioned, give Kelvins bite a one hit ability and you would still be able to crown control him hence he can’t be overpowered with your logic.

We are beating a dead horse anyway. The developers already mentioned that they are reworking desecrate and removing attacking while sprinting.

“Galilea will have her attack while sprinting removed. Changes to Desecrate as well, other changes to tone her down from “god like” (his words) tier. Kleese will get some changes as well, he threw out a few items, but nothing confirmed.”

When the Creative Director describes Galilea as god like, then you know that she is overpowered.
Forgot the link:

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“If you know how to play your character well, every character is insanely strong.
I don’t think she needs a nerf, people just got to figure out how to kill her.
i’ve never had any problems with galilea on the enemy team being to strong to kill.
sure she is a pain in the ass, but no more then a deande or phoebe.”

I completely agree. I’ve put in a lot of time into this game, mostly in story mode. Learning a character for story is different in PvP. I still struggle to weild many characters in PvP. I played with Rath and Galiea and got owned. I come on here and here how “They are broken”. A good sign of balance in a game is when many of the characters are accused of being too powerful.

I’ve played a few games of PvP vs Galilea and my teammates have done a decent job of keeping here reigned in.

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Haha, Didn’t even realize I did that. That’s army phonetic alphabet for ‘White Trash.’