Gal's ultimate is absolute trash

The majority of the time when i try and use this thing in an oh crap situation in which it’s designed to be used, i get killed before she actually sinks into the ground. Not to mention that when it does work, the effects are underwhelming. You move slow as hell, the health regen is garbage, and you can be taken out of it rendering it useless by a bunch of other hero’s abilities.

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Use it when you at 300 health not when your half a second from death.
She gets 250 health back and cant take damage from regular attacks as far as escapes go thats amazing you can still get cc out of it yeah just like everyone else skills.

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Who told you it was an “oh crap” button? Kindly tell that person “get gud” lol You should have an idea of how long it takes now so use it sooner?

Health regen is better if you take…regen gear? And she has Helix options for movement speed buff while in it so…

Some times it actually works better to use her ult with lowish health and then hover under a wave of enemies for the life steal.

It also can be used to initiate giving her a bit of stealth.

Wow. How can you all you people argue that Galilea’s Ultimate is “fine” when other character’s Ultimate moves can wipe you out in seconds? Her Ultimate being underwhelming was fine before she got the nerfs because her basic attack compensated for it’s lack of power. Now it is DEFINITELY underwhelming. Sure, it might not be “absolute trash”, but it just isn’t Ultimate when compared to other Ultimate moves.

Now I say this as a Gal fan, but I do think she’s been balanced out. Her move set isn’t based around how much damage her super moves do, but they are more based at her other moves that are super duper.

There are indeed some ultimates that are completely underwhelming. I’d definitely take a look at Kelvins ultimate way before Gals, though.

And Gal isn’t an assassin. It makes sense that her Ult isn’t meant for dealing damage. She is a territorial brawler, after all.

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Kelvin’s ult is a wall with cc, boldur’s ultimate is great - but it’s a buff that deals extra damage while active and makes his axe explode and deals bleed damage on impact with boldurdash. There in a similar class - ultimates are also underwhelming. Montana has a short term damage resistance buff and knock up, Benedict has a rocket that you control leaving the bird wide open while you navigate it, Reyna makes a bubble shield that prevents projectiles, Toby has a laser cannon that is a pain to use thanks to its range limitation (mid range) on a sniper. There’s plenty of situational ultimates out there.

I use it to top her off to get idtga back…

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Galilea’s ultimate isn’t as pretty as Montana’s Ultimate. Or as impactful as Bouldr’s ultimate, but it is pretty useful if you know how to use it. It’s not a get out of jail free card, nor is it a second life ultimate because it regens your health. There is no longer a speed buff on her ultimate it just gets a bigger radius ONLY. Which in fact should also get a different buff. Phoebe’s two buffs are bigger radius and more damage. Wrath is more damage and movement speed. Galilea’s buff is bigger area and she gets fully corrupted. That right there is the most underwhelming part of her whole kit. It’s right before her offhand shield bash that does bleed damage helix. (since no one is going to pause a AA chain just to make someone bleed when they can infinitely swing which also hits opponents around her like wrath does.)

I propose a change. She is a small pool of black Tar that you can stun her out of easily. Which means she should become CC immune at level 10 Or, more health regen, or damage increase, or like thorn, it causes her to create another desecrate beneath her.
For one the desecrate healing doesn’t seem to affect her while she is ulting, i’d figure because i stare at my health while I’m fighting and see with and without a desecrate my health still only goes up by 250. That bug needs to be fixed pronto. Aside from that if it functioned properly, you could be doing extra damage from however you augmented your Desecrate. (Granted it doesn’t have to pull people in, but even then it would be a crazy combo for her since she barely has damage anymore esp if she loses 1point of health, she mainly has sustain and a bit of CC.

Reason being why her Level 10 right helix is completely useless is the fact that nobody ults at the beginning of a fight. Something that has health regen if you know you’re going to be targeted a lot you try to save it if you’re smart. Which is why when i stun someone i wait til i lose my shield to use it, prolongs my life, causes my health to jump to full sometimes which gives me back my full damage for like a spit second then a prolonged fight i’ll ult to get back some health while just slowly killing my opponent. Then kill them when i get back up. If i’m already fully corrupted or even partially corrupted, i don’t want her ult to make me fully corrupted because it’s very easy to get there. So if i have that helix, i’m beating someone down and i ult. Nothing actually happens. Which means useless. Her cooldowns are way too long to use something that saves your life first.

Someone mentioned using it as stealth. I don’t know how people don’t see a creepy looking pool sliding along the floor, or her purple aura since using any ability causes her to get partially corrupted despite not hitting an opponent. (which i enjoy doing before a PVP match spamming my abilities and whatnot) You only don’t see the purple when you’re inside of it.

I agree that it’s a bad ult. The heal is fine, but the damage is weak. And being able to be cc out of it is crap. Her lesser abilities are considerably stronger than her “ultimate”

Well when you avoid a wrath and phoebe ult just by using her ult then getting back up to kill them both while it’s late game where everyone was level 10 and you still think it isn’t any good for any reason, then you can tell me it is useless. I usually have damage reduction on her so even if i get silenced by wrath the last second if i spam Triangle i can go under and live just to pop back up and kill him.