Gambler's "Corpse Reviver" gear possibly bugged?

Unlike every other legendary I’ve seen, it has only 2 bonuses, and doesn’t cost 1800 to activate. I think it might be missing a third legendary-unique bonus…

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Not bugged, all legendary helmets are like that.

Well, I can tell you that it’s got regular gear attributes (meaning, it’s not a unique legendary)
“Gambler’s " is a rogue trait
"Corpse Reviver” gear is just a regular helmet.

Maybe anything that costs over a certain amount (850?) is marked as “legendary”?

I have purples with over 1k activation cost. There are pictures of similar things on other forums, it’s something to do with helmets rated as legendary but that’s about all I know.

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Interesting. Seems like some kind of bug, but the kind that doesn’t matter.

CC gear sucks right now, anyway.

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This seems like a bug since most legendary gear has some sort of passive associated with it and This piece has none, which would explain why it has such a low price. It has to be definitely bugged either wasn’t intended as a legendary or the passive isn’t showing up and is making it so cheap.

That is not true.

Also, I’m here to report this bug myself. +1 to the exact same problem.

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It’s actually supposed to be a Rare (Blue) tier item. For whatever reason the game is displaying it as Legendary. The CC Duration Legendary for Rogue faction is called Hate Reflector and has Sprint Speed as the minor perk with a Sham-like unique function.