Game 4vs5 cancle for yourself

Hello guy’s, i see in Multiplayer that alot of guy’s doesn’t know how the Lobbysystem works.
1.) Everyone from you got maybe the szenario, you are all on heroscreen and login.
After this, you got a message , Server Closed to less people or so.

If you see in Lobby that your Team has only 4 Guys, includet you and 1 DC.
Just Disconnect in Lobby, wait 1 min or so and que again.
Cause if TWO!! guy’s Disconnect in Heroscreen from 10 People, Game doesnt start.
But you must DISCONNECT in Hero select screen.

I do it for my self so, if i see 1 guy in my team has DC, in heropickscreen, i pick my Hero , my config , and login.
Then i Disconnect, and watch to the timer on the Top.
How much seconds until start?
After this Time, i press Versus again, now i see is my Lobby still open? or i can Que again.

Its also Possible to Dodge Premadegroup’s, with 2 Guy’s.
If 2 People in 1 Team Disconnect in Heroselect screen, Game doesnt start. Just for INFO!

Nah, I enjoy the challenge of a 4v5 :wink: But I feel bad for the opposing team when it happens to them :open_mouth: Besides, the person who disconnected might have just had a connection error and could re-join, I’ve seen it happen a lot.

Nobody likes to get stomped by a full party, but you learn a lot about strategy and team composition when you do :slight_smile:

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Ya i have also no problem to play against premade Groups.
But many Player write in Lobby , something like Premade we have no chance.
Or anythink else.
If i read something like that, or maybe see instantly dc.
Why i should play this Game? Alot of Topic’s here about this Issues-

So i write just a “fix” for yourself, so you dont need to come here to blame about Matchmaking.
If you are 1 person like this, make your own matchmaking.