Game already dead?

i play on pc, central europe at different times and whenever i make the game public rarely someone joins and when i join someone i have a delay of 10 SECONDS! for every action i do so basically nobody in my area plays this game and i get matched with people of the other side of the world.

do others have a similar experience? is the game glitched for me or is the epic deal at fault for killing the game? when i search in BL2 i get matched with perfect pings…

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ehm yes? its a multiplayer game and central europe is a huge gaming market, the inability to find matches with a decent ping shows that this game has a really small playerbase compared to BL2 which had still ~10000 players resulting in a better matchmaking experience.

i mean before the bloody harvest event i couldnt find any circle of slaughter/proving grounds at the evening, in a game that is slightly over 1 month old…

im a huge fan owning each game since day 1 but you cant talk this good its just a perfect sign that gearbox f*cked up.


Can you not change your location ? Also two new popular games just came out yesterday.

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are you saying i should move to a different country because a publisher made a dumb decision? or dont you know how latency works? this game is peer to peer there are no servers to buff the latency.

well 2 popular games got released but BL2 still finds me easier a game… a game that is 7 years old compared to a game that is over 1 month old…

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This is the most unique defense for Gearbox I think I’ve ever seen.

If your matchmaking is too slow, just move to a new country! Problem solved.

I’ve almost seen everything, now. :rofl:


Yea it’s dead. Out of my 20 friends on my list only 1 is ever online. And it’s never the same one.

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Well at the current rate of weekly nerfing everything worthless the player base that WAS having fun with game is growing evermore frustrated with every nerf hotfix.
And now leaving to play other games they’re actually having fun playing.
The cry babies and fun police seem to ruin every game nowadays with their fourm rants and nonstop crying and complaining. The devs just seem to ALWAYS cave into their demands.

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  • They nerfed what the people where using, which is a first reason
  • They haven’t debug the game yet, which is a second
  • Multiplayer is broken with connexion issue, and the mayhem modifier that are a huge problem (since you can’t chain reset a multiplayer game until you get modifier that don’t wreck your build, or at least one of the dude in your party build)
  • There is no end game to speak of currently

Half finished game released way too early. Huge disapointement. I’m only sad I offered my trust to GearBox and payed the whole 100€

Maybe the game will be playable in a few months, who know


maybe its because im a siren fanboy but those nerfs barely affected me so i totally ignored that but it makes sense.

Just you wait… I can guarantee that once more people move away from nerfed characters and start playing Amara and seeing how OP some of her builds are. The crying and ranting demands by the fun police for nerfing her will start.
She will be the next victim of the nerf chopping block…


Very likely. One of her core survival skill still doesn’t work correctly though, and she suffer from quite a few bugs

BL3 bored me a lot and I went back to playing 1 and 2. I’m sure that patches and DLCs won’t be able to fix the mistakes already made.

If this is your ping time, it has nothing to do with how many people play the game. Connecting to someone on the other side of the world wouldn’t get you a ping time of more than a few hundred milliseconds, assuming you have a decent connection. Ping time from the U.S. to Australia is generally around 240-270ms.

A 10 second ping would indicate a serious problem with your internet connection somewhere. Like, amazing you have a connection that works at all kind of serious.

And, regardless off the fact that the game is peer-to-peer, there are servers along the path of your connection. If just one of them has a problem then your connection time will suffer.

As far as the comment about “changing locations”, I assumed gstew was talking about using a VPN to change the apparent location of your computer. So, you could change to a location that has more people playing. (I don’t know what the rules are for recommending particular VPN services in these forums so I guess I won’t name one.)

when i use the matchmaking i expect it to match me with the best ping lobby, i havent joined anyone i rely on the automated system.

so borderlands 3 has issues with my internet but other games give me a 30ms ping? makes sense.

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The game is not dead for me; I’ve just barely started playing. I expect it will take years for me to get tired of playing it daily, just like I did BL1 and BL2. :smiley:

Depend hos advanced you are in the game, but I can promise you that once you have all the character you wanted to pex lvl max, it’s quite bland

i enjoy playing it as well but all my friends avoid the epic launcher and completely solo it gets kinda boring. got all characters maxed and now i play maybe 1 proving ground at the evening and then im bored because of solo gameplay.

Umm. I get that you are not enjoying the game. I respect that. Can’t you respect that I have a different opinion? The game is fun for me, and after 120 hours in it playing 3 different characters, and my experience playing BL1, BL2, and TPS, which number in the thousands of hours (well over 6000 between all the games), I think I can safely predict I’ll be playing this game for years to come.

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Yep. I’m right there with them.

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Welcome to a whole new Border Lands experience.
Just wait after 100s of hours of grinding for perfect weapons and gear. Then POOF all of your gear nerfed or “rebalanced” as Gear Box likes to call it.
Spend hours respecing your character just the you like your build.
Then POOF skills nerfed to death and rendered useless or as Gear Box likes to call it “creating more skill tree diversity”…
Ohhh what fun!!!
So far I started with Fl4k until he got the nerf hammer. Then I moved to Moze and guess what?
Now I’m playing Amara and I’m quite sure she’s next to be nerfed to death.
Ahhhhh good times I tell ya.