Game Appreciation Thread

I feel, that we, as players have been giving tons of criticism (which is needed) and negativity here on the forums, and I’d like to make a topic where we could appreciate the good things in Remastered. What are your favourite things about the new title?

I’ve played a lot of multiplayer since it’s out, and I’ve started the singleplayer campaign as well, so far here’s what I got:
-The graphics, oh my god. It’s amazing how gorgeous the game is and despite the visuals, performance doesn’t suffer.
-The atmosphere. I’ve started the HW1R campaign and, holy crap. It feels more polished than the original game by a great margin, I love the small changes to the audio as well.
-The combat feels more difficult compared to the original (3 of my interceptors died at the Khar-selim where I could normally beat the raiders without losses), but I’m a masochist so that’s appealing to me.

I’ll add more as I keep playing more. Thanks Gearbox for bringing my favourite franchise to life!


I agree. There’s lots of small issues with the game but overall it’s quite impressive. I’m most of the way though the HW1 story and it’s as engaging as ever. As long as Gearbox doesn’t just give up and move on I’ll be content.

There’s also lots of things that are just amazing. Like resource collectors casting shadows on the controller as they undock and fly up past it, or the engine of one frigate casting light on the frigate behind it. Also the glow of the resource controller on the collector as it docks. It’s those simple things that just make the game world seem real. Those kinds of things were what made me really enjoy the original and it’s nice to see them add more.


As an original homeworld player, I’ll say the game was very well remastered, considering the constraints of the homeworld 2 engine. There were a few key elements that the devs kept and I wouldn’t have bought it if they hadn’t:

  • The voice acting. Getting the original voice actors to reenact their lines was the right thing to do. I’m sorry they took out that reverb from the original, but the magic’s still there

  • The music. Homeworld is an epic space opera. The music was and is epic. Couldn’t be done otherwise, and I’m overjoyed Mr. Ruskay joined the project and gave me this joy again.

  • The artistic backgrounds. Homeworld’s spacescape always made me feel like I was in some place only hubble could show. It brought me there. And still does.

  • The animations, or drawings, or whatever you want to call them. A key factor in homeworld’s ambience.

All in all, as far as I’m concerned, homeworld was never about battle. It was about struggle. About being lost in a confusing mixture of hope and desperation. I’m glad gearbox didn’t set any of these elements aside to pursue some sort of gameplay elements that are, after all, secondary to the game.
I wish I could tell my repair craft to repair a bunch of ships at the same time. I wish the sphere formation actually formed a defensive sphere around guarded ships. These are just examples of annoying, but very unimportant elements on the stage. They are props. The characters and the plot are all there, as good as they ever were.


I have been playing the Homeworld games since the 1999 Game of the Year Edition and I can honestly say without a doubt, Homeworld has never been better than it is right now. Well done Gearbox.
And to all those involved in the restoration and production of the Remastered Edition, many thanks my friends.


Yes, the new large-scale animations are incredible. Being caught up in your own battle, then seeing that flash from across the map… you have to ask in chat “was that an enemy of one of us?”. The mid-range battle flashes give so much depth.

The atmosphere is riveting. I am still losing ships to the “ooh ahh” factor.

The nasty AI in MP will take advantage of a lapse in judgment. It will counter-build in a heartbeat. Send BCs with no escort… get swarmed by bombers. Leave anything unguarded … it will get stolen or killed.

I am looking forward to the next few months as things get evened out and tweaked and fixed.

Another decade of HW awaits us all.

@ynvaser: Thanks for doing this; it’s a good idea (and, frankly, I wish I would have thought of it myself). I’ve shared a few bug reports (and a gripe or two), but overall, I’m thrilled. I’ve been playing HW since it was released, I’m a huge fan of the series, and I am impressed. The new graphics are gorgeous. I geek out every time I find something new in the game, some improvement over the original. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought “If only they’d make a new version of this with updated graphics!” There’s a lot of great work here, Gearbox. We’re glad you stepped up and did it. You’ve carried an old favorite forward.

Thanks for the kind words guys! The artists poured everything into the MASSIVE scale of stuff that had to be done (and re-done, and re-done as the graphics engine was rebuilt and evolved) - I pushed super hard for the graphical features (still really want to give more love to a few things) - and the game-code and support code was all a series of hard-won battles. You can’t imagine the scale of Ruskay’s task either - on top of being the source for the soundtrack to so many incredible moments…

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I’m gonna echo the sentiment for the premium graphics and audio in the remaster. Playing the campaign is giving me chills, even if the gameplay isn’t 100% the same. And the explosions…so much more ‘oomph’ than any others I can think of.

I’m gonna give a shoutout to the new UI though. I’ve really only seen people complain about it, which boggles my mind given that it’s light-years ahead of the original, and takes up less space (though they assert the opposite, somehow).

I’ve got to get my two cents in here as well. Haven’t read the whole thread… but…

Thew Homeworld series was a “transcendent” experience for me. Had been playing FPS for a couple of years before it came out. And it blew me away.

As a complete fanboi, I’m just so happy to have my game back. Was impossible to get working on newer OS’s- well not impossible but a real pain. And the graphics were really iffy.

Really having a good time with this. And although there are problems here and there- I’d have to say this is more like a new release than anything else. I hope the game is as much a hit as it seems to be.

Long live Homeworld this time around.

I for one love the new UI - it went through some iterations and the final design (primarily the work of Brian Cozzens) is great. Our producer (Brian Burleson) did the majority of the scripting (and some coding) - while I created the base UI engine. I think we have more to offer/fix there - given some of the feedback we’ve gotten, as well as knowing there are a few bugs that will really annoy me until I fix 'em :wink:

I loved HW1 and HW2 when they first came out and I love the Remaster, sure there are some bugs but not a single one of them effects how much enjoyment i get from it. Still better than the next 6 CoD clones that come out.

The visuals alone were worth the purchase price. These were some of the most memorable designs for ships and atmospheres that I have seen in any SF work.

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This Remaster was absolutely brilliant. The graphics are mind-blowingly beautiful while still staying true to Homeworld’s very unique art style. Sometimes I load up the game just to admire the ship details…the textures…the shaders…the lighting…the models…

Also, the music, oh my. The music sounds positively epic and is signature Homeworld, All Hail RUSKAY!!
And of course Samuel Barber for that hauntingly beautiful piece of music RIP.

Thanks guys, for allowing me to experience Homeworld again like this.

It is hard to say how thankful I’m for gearbox doing what they did, and the way they did, it is clearly a label of love, and that is not just marketing it truly is.

I’m a gamer since 7 years old, and still a gamer with 31, and will still be till the end of my life, and I have to say that homeworld holds a spot into my best 3 games from all times.

Well with that said, I will talk about what I like the most in this remastered, first off graphics of course, damm those look so damm good, it is so pretty that some times I get lost in the battle looking the backgrounds and the ships details and staring a ship firing, I love how cool the Kushan Assault Frigate looks.

Also all the support from gearbox, I do participate of a lot of betas, I mean a LOT, I like getting games at the birth, right now, for example, I’m participating in another beta besides HWR (Orcs Must Die Unchained) and I got to say, I never saw devs close to the players like they are here, devs usually read the forums, but that is all, they don’t discuss ideas like devs are doing here, and that is just mind blowing, and that is not all, they also understand the players idea and are working hard to implement, formations is the best example, they are clearly having a hard time to make it work, but they are not giving up, it is just outstading. I cant wait to see @scole and @BitVenom work on the rebalance and maneuvers.

So here is my personal thanks, great job, you guys not only got my money, got my respect.

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