Game ate my gear - character broke as resulting loss

I was trying to trade gear between two characters and two pieces that make my Moze playable are permanently lost. They fell through the floor of Sanctuary III. Literally, it fell through the floor.

Lost a transformer and a deathless.

My Moze is unplayable until I can get these back. (Wish I remember the stats of the pieces.)


Edit: It is mostly inconsequential but the transformer had anointed digiclone and the deathless was corrosive.

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I use one of the tables, go near it and drop the loot. I never lost any items that way.

This isn’t the first time on Sanctuary I’ve had stuff fall through the floor. About a week ago a friend threw an artifact down for me to look at to see if i wanted it (right at the vending machines) and it fell through and we couldn’t retrieve it.

It was just an epic (purple) and we really didn’t care much. But this crap falling through the world (including characters) is a serious issue.

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Had this happen giving stuff to a mule today. Wont be doing that anymore. Happened in the room with my bank. Ps4

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Yea, the 2 tables outside the fast travel on sanctuary seem to always have stability.

@GrfxGawd. I’ll be online in about 2hrs, if you invite me I can give you a transformer. :smiley:

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Did you check your lost loot thinger?

It wasn’t there. Anything thrown down is considered “discarded” and perma dies.

That would be pleasant. My gamertag is the same as my forum name. If you could mail it to GrfxGawd, that would be extra super helpful!

I should also be online.

Damn, i didn’t know that.
Flowers and a sympathy card are in the mail.
I’m sorry for your loss fellow traveler.

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Yes, this hosed my Moze build until I can find replacements. :frowning:
She is literally all but unplayable.

I could sub another shield type, but that deathless stone (it was a corrosive, not that it matters) is literally the cornerstone for the build, without it she’s down for the count. She’s a grenade hybrid (since The Great Moze Grenade Build Nerf). And so far, that was the ONLY deathless artifact I’ve seen since launch.

If anyone has a “spare” deathless they might be so kind and able to send to me on Xbox I’d be ever so grateful. My gamertag (GrfxGawd) is the same as my forum name.

I’ve seen nothing back on my helpdesk ticket with 2K as of this post.

I can sub some other shield until I can find another Transformer but she’s DOA without a deathless for her build.

I think I only have my 1 deathless but I’ll check, I do have a spare transformer though so I’ll send through the mail in a couple of hours when I hop on. If a deathless drops I’ll send too.


Sorry didn’t have a spare deathless but sent over transformer, I’ll send next deathless I find to you.

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Thank you very most kindly!

My thanks to the very generous people who gifted me two, TWO Transformers!

(I’ve still yet to hear anything back from 2K tech support on the ticket I submitted. Still minus my Deathless, but you never know, I might just find another today.)

Unfortunately they won’t be able to retrieve the deathless, they gave me some golden keys when I lost my bank contents but couldn’t retrieve items. Maybe try the Xbox trade forum and see if someone might trade the spare transformer for a deathless?

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Thank you for the excellent advice! I may end up doing that. I didn’t know they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do that. Thank you doubly!

They told me something about not being able to see the information on individual gear as files are stored locally. I’ve had good luck with stuff in the trade forum tho so fingers crossed

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