Game Balancing. User Controls

I hang around Facebook a lot and Twitter once in a while. A combination of my own experience with Borderlands 3 and what I am reading online has given me an idea.
Myself, and others, find the game just a little bit too difficult (many seems to find it mighty darned hard) and you folks at Gearbox seem to have an impossible challenge of keeping the game balanced to suit everybody.
So how about letting the users decided?

Create a separate sub menu in settings “Overpower Control”
In there stick a bunch of sliders for users to adjust. Maybe even a single slider?

  • “How overpowered would you like to be?”
    0%-250% (that would do me? but you could go higher if you wanted just to cater for everybody.)
    go up in steps of 10%

you could then maybe add other sliders:

  • Increase gun damage by: 0%-250%

  • Increase grenade damage by : 0%-250%

  • Increase shield capacity by: 0%-250%

I think you get the idea? Have sliders to override everything, vehicle damage, action skill cooldown, shield recharge rate, everything.
For sure though I wouldn’t go any higher than a 500% increase in anything as that would be getting into the realms of too easy?

At that point, why not just get yourself hired by Gearbox and make your own game?


A fair number of the weirdos around here think it’s too easy. To that end, if a system of sliders to tweak difficulty were introduced it should go both ways.

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the difficulty of any borderlands game is pretty much about how much damage u do , which mean those who think its easy probably

1: spend their life to trade the best item
2: Save editor
3: using a easy to get and broken build aka recursion amara
4: actually spend their life to grind the stuff

I wouldn’t call anybody a weirdo as everybody is different and with everybody being different it’s hard to define “normal”.
But what there is, is an “average”. But from what I’m reading the “average” person finds it a bit difficult.

There is, I think/feel, two main reasons why people use third party tools to modify game behaviour?
(1) They find the game to difficult and want an easy boost.
(2) There are technically minded and like to play around with coding and other technical stuff.

Such mod tools are only really / readily available for PC, bit unfair for console gamers I feel.

I’ve been reading more and more. A nerf to a certain anointment dubbed “300/90” has caused outrage.
Going by these responses it would seem there is call for such sliders to go as high as 300%, which isn’t much higher than the 250% I thought.
Let’s wait and see what Gearbox thinks though.

problem isnt the difficulty, its the brainless RNG lottery for gear.

I won’t start an argument on difficulty as everybody is different.
But yeah, the RNG lottery is… I can’t think of anything else to describe it really? Brainless is somewhat apt.
A system that has been implemented by somebody with a poor grasp of mathematics and logic? If they even have a grasp of such at all?

you got it right. It sucks the life out of the game, you grind for nothing useful till you get really lucky.