Game Braking? I can't restore health/Health Bug, stuck at 914

So after finishing normal mode going onto VHM. My health bugged out… Not sure if this is men’t to happen or not. Is there going to be a hot-fix or is it file end? If so, is there anything that can be done to fix it?

This still applies as it’s normal health. The only thing saving me is my shield. I will take damage and even some of the weaker mobs hit hard with that much health. So if there is a cluster of them like what just happened to me a few moments ago… I went down to many times.

This really needs fixing.

I have the same problem :frowning: this is really bad

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Yeah I found uninstalling it worked kinda…

What shield do you have on? I know there is one that reserves health and swaps it for shield capacity.

that didn’t fix it for me

Check to make sure your shield isnt converting a percentage of your health to shield. I kept yelling at my buddy to heal and after like an hour he finally realized it was his shield.


This is happening to me too as well as a fast Travel glitch. Fix your game.

Happened to me also. It’s a shield that converts a percentage of your health into your shield.