[Game Breaker] Able to clog wave/lane and all following waves permanently

I only know this works in Paradise - Meltdown Mode.

To replicate - play Kelvin with lane A to your right. With Kelvins Ult - Ice Wall, you can place it in a choke point which will initially block the minion wave. However, once the wall disappears, the minions still wont move. Later waves will still spawn and in turn get caught up on the first wave. Once their waves are stuck - they will not move again until someone on the opposite team kills the stuck minions. I have also noticed that sometimes when I test this both teams minions stop spawning in that lane for the remainder of that match. This URL is an image of the placement for Kelvins ult. Sorry for the low quality, but you can get the idea. It’s placed in the choke point beside the back turret. I believe the terrain slopes down at that point as well. https://i.imgur.com/939GBxe.jpg

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Why don’t I have a screenshot of a field full of backed up minions?

I demand a field full of backed up minions.

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Yeah, I’ve seen this, I managed to unclog them by just running into them a few times. But yeah, this needs to be fixed.

I happen to have a video i this happening in beta well two videos the first shows the ice wall and no minions moving afterwords
the second shows 2 groups of minions just stuck in place sadly i can’t upload videos here… um

Links? maybe

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Good video. Apparently this is common and can happen in multiple spots and even different maps as there is a post on reddit right now showing this happening on an incursion map.