Game Breaker Build in the youtube title

So Amara must be op right?

Because Zane and Moze reaching damage cap on a whim is totally not the priority for fixes.

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I can see them all getting nerfed before the raid boss drops. Probably just the first one to go


I can definitely see that happening too because if the raid boss gets 1-shot on day one of release it will kind of deflate a lot of the “coolness” of having a raid boss. Every content creator would exaggerate how easy the boss is and it would become exploit-city where half the community never even tries to kill it legit and just farms it with 1-shot builds. I can imagine is that would cripple the positive reception of the DLC since the raid boss is such a big part of it.


Or at least we hope it will turn out to be a big part of it. :crossed_fingers:

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I mean season pass 2 is already Mostly Negative on Steam, which is quite an achievement.


Yeah, that’s what’s gonna cause a negative reception of the dlc. Uh huh.

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My problem is that they nerfed her before she got any buffs to other skills. If both the nerf to Remnant as well as a bunch of buffs would have gone out with the patch next month people would not see this as critically. Gearbox underestimates how important timing is to player perception.

And I know I have no proof that there will be any buffs for any Vault Hunter at all in the upcoming patch, but my gut feeling tells me that there will be some pretty big changes, not all positive, but not all negative either.

And I’m not optimistic myself when it comes to Gearbox’s way of balancing things. They seem less and less interested in actually testing where the brokenness of certain combos comes from and jump to conclusions that seem more and more to be made at face value. That’s for example the only way I can explain how they thought the White Elefant was a problem. Or Amara’s melee in general. If anything her Phaseflare is absurdly overtuned and the Face-Puncher is too strong. Both are things that have nothing to do with the latest adjustments. I would have even said that the White Elefant could use a buff if the Face-Puncher wasn’t proccing it. That way we could have incentives towards true melee, but as it is there is no real reason to just fist enemies to death.


bruh, phrasing

That was quite intentional.

I really want to use Amara’s fists and not just guns, shields and grenades that pretend to be fists. That is what I really want, but unfortunately the Face-Puncher is always superior to melee, even when holding the strongest possible melee gear. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the Face-Puncher and other pseudo-melee items gone or nerfed, I just want Amara’s basic melee to be on-par with them.