Game Breaking Bug caused by joining matchmaking while playing the story

Just finished Pandora ; thought I’d try out matchmaking Circle of Slaughter
Queue in.
Continue the story mode because it’s taking a very long time to queue.
Go to drop pod area, talk to Ellie.
Get in drop pod and start the next chapter on Promethea.
As I’m loading in the cut scene in Promethea the queue pops and I start loading to the Circle of Slaughter.

All good up to this point. After the match, go back to my game and I’m teleported to the Meridian Metroplex fast travel station. Both gates are shuttered and there is no way to open them.

As you may know, you’re supposed to start the chapter in Meridian Outskirts. That FT location is not available to my character. Instead I have skipped all the story content, even though I haven’t finished it and am stuck inside the next area with no way to escape.

I cannot continue in Single player, at all.

This really, really, sucks.

Edit: This happened on XBOX - Sorry I posted in the wrong sub-forum.