Game breaking bug: co op shooting stop working, cant change weapon

For some reason after a lag spike i can no longer swap weapons, and my weapons shoot no projectiles.

Yet i am still getting targeted/damaged by enemies, so it cant be that im still in a lag spike. I can still use my action skills and game is responding except i do 0 damage because i cant shoot anything.

I had to suicide to fix it.

I’ve seen that happen quite often. I’m guessing the hosts connection or maybe even the shift service itself can cause it.

This seems to happen more often when the game had tons of projectiles going on, for example with reflux or amara with recursion. My gun at some point just stops working as if the game cant handle that many projectiles anymore.

Interesting. Thanks for pointing that out. Additionally I’ve seen it happen with recursion builds. Maybe its something like hitting BNK-3R too hard with B0re in the previous game therefore a calculations issue.

It doesnt happen offline so i suspect a bug in the netcode?

I’m not a mod just a forum user but maybe file a bug report. Thanks alot for pointing it out though.

ouch forgot dumb me. offline there would be less enemies and less calculations to do? Maybe the game can’t calculate it nor the netcode when it tried to process it?

I have actually seen this many times while playing Zane and shooting The Lob. Eventually the projectiles will go right through and not do anything.

If the drop rates hadn’t ruined me and my friends fun the connections def would have soon afterwards. We live within 40 miles of each other and my goodness the connections were just horrible when we quit playing a few weeks ago. Couldn’t reload our guns, lagging all over the place. Damage not working correctly, you freaking name it.