Game breaking bug help

I am stuck on the quest to enter haworth labs. I have the press pass in my inventory but the Bobbie at the door keeps telling me to go get my press pass.

I cant play the game anymore.

Is the pass an equippable item, perhaps? (Sorry if that’s a dumb question - haven’t got very far into the game myself)

I dont know what happened but I went back and talked to the woman again and it worked. Weird bug. :confused:

I’ve had a similar problem. I’m stuck on the Haworth labs quest. I’ve already went to the old office and went into Gemma’s house to investigate. Unfortunately when I got the information and had to get out the quest ‘I sing the body electric’ immediately started. Since then every time I went back to the reporter’s office she won’t let me in. So I’m in a never ending circle. I can’t even get back into Gemma’s study to see if I may have missed something.