Game breaking bug (loading loop)

I reached sanctuary 3 for the first time. Only the game crashed. I relaunched the game. Now it shows a loading for one area and than quickly goes to the sanctuary loading screen where it gets stuck and eventually freezes. Game than forces it self closed.

I tried restarting my Xbox one x and it didn’t help. I tried reinstalling the game and it didn’t work either. It’s been suggested I should try and join a friend who is already in Sanctuary. Tried this and it caused his game to crash n get stuck in the same loading loop. So now we both have unplayable characters equipped with our one-time vip items.

I have a video on Facebook of exactly what’s happening.

Hey there - can you please file a support ticket for this issue and include a link to your video? Thanks.

The issue seems to worked it self out.

As for the support ticket…I already submitted one with the video. they give me a generic response on how to use the social/mail tab. Completely unrelated to the issue I had.

I’m having the same issue. Both my character and my daughter’s are now unusable after 9 levels. Which, I mean… not a huge amount of progress gone but 3 hours is tough to do for us regardless. Hopefully this gets worked out, the performance in co-op is laughable already, but at least it was (mostly) playable.

The issue happened to me on PC when returning to sanctuary after completing meridian outskirt. Then I started another game and got the crash when reaching sanctuary after completing the taking flight mission.

Try starting the game up on another Xbox or pc if possible. Supposedly the cloud syncing can fix the glitch.

Should be able to achieve the same thing locally by deleting the local save data before launching the game. Note that this depends on keeping the cloud save games, so make sure you choose the correct option (not “delete everywhere”)


I deleted the save file , restarted the game and it downloaded the save from the cloud.
I repawned at the last checkpoint and walk back to the ship’s door.
I got the loading screen of sanctuary and crashed like before.
Is there another workaround?
Can I send you my Dxdiag or other files?

You’ll need to file a support ticket for further assistance. The form is linked in the sticky post at the top of this section. Nothing I personally can do with the information you mention - I’m just one of the forum moderators.

Didn’t work for me either. I just know it worked for some friends of mine. Wait for a patch I guess and start a second character while you wait?

You can try submitting a support ticket. In my experience 2k couldn’t careless though. All I received was generic unrelated responses. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

If anyone find this thread in a few months/years (as one does) I finally found a way to get around this issue!
In the option menu, I switched to DX12 and even if the sanctuary loading was the longuest I experienced in bl3, it worked.

This is actually the XBox support section. PC is that away ---->