Game breaking bug must fix

I was editing a load out when I went to save it I got this error. Since then I now can’t switch tabs it keeps asking me if I want to save the load out if I press yes it tells me u can’t and brings up the same question. If I press no it still brings up the same questions theirs no way of getting out of it except by exiting the game. Please look into this.

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Hm that’s no good. But thanks for reporting this.
I’ve moved your thread to the Open Beta Bug Reports category so it will be seen more promptly.

Awesome thanks! Yeah it sucks I just hit lvl 30 and want to buy epic packs and literary can’t go to that menue. Can’t even check my titles.

This bug is reported in at least two more threads.
I have the same problem.

But you can access your titles if you go the other way around (L1 instead of R1) to get to “CAREER”.

Did u find a way to change your load out or open packs?

No, unfortunately. I tried deleting the savegame - no difference. Someone even reinstalled the game - no luck.
It seems to me that it is a problem with the data on the server.
I do not even see my Loadouts anymore. Except the ones before the bug appeared.

I bought a new Loadout slot and filled it up - trying to save I got the error and have it ever since. I just avoid the GEAR tab.

With the second account on my PS4 everything is fine. So at least my son can fiddle with Loadouts. :wink:

Sounds lousy but thanks for reporting it so they can get it fixed.