[Game Breaking Bug] Phoebe ops

So im playing with my girlfriend and she died tafter we broke all of the shards and she was standing on the platform in the middle of the room. I stood on the pad and revived her after the shift but she was stuck in the ground and couldnt move. Nothing was there to kill her either so we restarted. If this was a solo run it would be considered game breaking. Please fix !
I captured it and will upload the vid when its on youtube

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Here is the video
Tagging @Jythri just to make sure someones gets eyes on this bug

Just want to add that I had this happen, too!! :frowning: Not just an isolated incident!!

For me, it occurred on the trigger pad in the last mission (that you have to stand on to trigger the “light” & progress to the boss fight). I was playing as Atticus, died on the pad, got revived, and then was suddenly stuck there. Thankfully I was playing with friends, so they went on and fought the boss without me while I spun round and pouted on the pad, haha! (It was extra sad because I was the muscle & they were both playing squishy supports!)

I’ll have to pull the video off my PS4 and share it, too. Definitely NOT a good glitch!!