Game Breaking Bug

I was playing UVHM with my brother, we had just gotten the stingrays and we jumped over the lava. We messed around a bit with eachother, and my brother was tempting me to come grab a lengendary (however, I had the cryo slow glitch so I couldn’t get it), and then digistructed a stingray from his and began travel to pickle’s place using the way marked on the map. I did a stingray jump as I entered the building… then everything escalated.

I got stuck in the roof and started spazzing, and it was pretty damn funny, then, as I approached the exit of the building I teleported out of the map into a giant white area, and at the top the words “The Teapot” kept popping up as if I was entering and exiting the teapot area. My speakers started to make noises like they were blowing out, and I died. The cryo glitch intensified (I’m assuming everyone knows what I mean) to where I couldn’t move. I used my left bumper skill and got miniontrap, then I shot one bullet of a striker, where my level 9 start with a bang skill used, and then I was minorly hurt from it and teleported back to the white area.

We tried to travel to pickle’s area, but when we did I was in a NEW white area that had different text appearing at the top.

I was a level 50 Claptrap with a Level 28? Artic Ack Ack, a 48 Audacious Sapper, a level 40 kimi shield (I think that’s what it’s called) and a level 28 Four Seasons.

I’m gonna double check here to make sure all those levels are correct, I also had a level 48 flakker no luneshine that I was using mainly, as i’m trying to fill out all my boomtrap skills.

Have you not tried resetting the game? If that doesn’t fix it then there is something seriously wrong with your game.

It fixes upon save/exit.

Accidentially did it again today with my new doppelganger. Except, this time I dismounted. I got out and then I died with an invisible body, yet I still had arms and a gun. Sound completely stopped, and I respawned and it seemed fixed.