Game breaking glitch with the Hostile Takeover mission

I’ve come across a game breaking glitch in the Xbox One version of the game with the Hostile Takeover mission, I’m unable to progress beyond the first Catch A Ride station since no prompt shows up to use it, so the door won’t open. I’m not sure if there’s a character I’m supposed to meet there either to help with progression.

It happened after I wanted to try out the Circle Of Slaughter, when I went to resume I found myself trapped in a fort farther in the mission with no way out. I joined another person’s game but they were too far ahead of me and when I tried to resume I was able to fast travel to the outskirts but couldn’t progress from that point, it seems that without the introduction cutscene to the planet that you’re prevented from progressing any farther with the story if you play with others who are either farther ahead in the story than you or at a much higher level than you.

I’ve had no choice but to restart and redo the previous ten or more hours, since it took me some time to muster the will to get past Pandora, and to see if I can progress once I eventually return to where I was supposed to progress farther from.

It’s quite an annoying glitch.

I’m playing the game on an Xbox One S if that makes any difference. I hope this glitch can be patched out and maybe some way to reset the mission progress for anyone having trouble with the mission back to before you enter the drop pod or a way to drop the mission and restart it, that could help if that’s workable.

Fast travel system is riddled with bugs. BL2 was much better of keeping track of your solo gameplay. I have had similar issues and having an alternate account and friends at similar progress points have been my only solutions.

I see, looks like I may have to hold off on resuming with the game for a while then until they’ve hopefully patched these annoying glitches. Really fed up of games being so broken on release and for months afterwards these days.