Game-breaking issues after new dlc launched

Ever since the release of the FfS dlc, every lobby I’ve joined has had severe lag and disconnect issues(regardless of who’s host or how good or poor their connection is) eventually a disconnected Ethernet cable symbol pops up over the host’s name(even though the host is having no connection issues) and one or more players ends up getting kicked out of the game. Along side this issue, matching on Xbox One is completely broken; with the matchmaking feature stating: “no matches found” yet when I head over to the official club LFG there are anywhere between thirty to fifty active looking for group posts daily of other players asking for help. These issues have to be addressed immediately, as the game has become almost unplayable.

Have you filed a support ticket for this issue? If not, please do so.

Yes I have, and I was told that the issues would be passed along to the dev team(though I have no idea how reliable that is) I hope these issues get resolved soon.