[Game Breaking] Proving Grounds - Can't Complete - NPC Stuck/Unlimited Health


I’ve played through all the rounds in the proving grounds game mode more than 5 times now, and yet I have not “completed it” one so far.

There is a crappy game breaking bug where NPCs get stuck underground so that you are unable to kill them, even if you can damage the NPCs with Splash damage, they will not die. Me and my friends have tried suiciding (at the expense of a lot of money) to try to reset the rounds and do it again, but time after time we get this game breaking bug and it is insanely irritating and frustrating, so much to the point that I’ve Alt+F4 out of this game more than I have Alt+F4’d out of any other game the last 10 years (and I mean it!).

This is a stupid bug that lowers my overall view of quality of borderlands 3.
Please prioritize this defect and give us an ETA on when we will get an update that fixes this.
Until then I will refrain completely to play any other game mode than campaign.

Thank you very much!


Happened to me to.

I also keep experiencing this issue. I am about ready to call it quits and just scrap the game. It’s just not worth it. Not only has the lack of a workable split screen ruined the entire experience for my husband and I (killing the excitement and the ONLY reason I purchased this game from 2K), but the glitches and nerfing of EVERYTHING has made it a major disappointment in single player altogether. Just a thumbs down all the way ‘round.