Game can't find players to play with

Hi there,

so as the game is quite new to me (got it on wednesday) I wasn’t able to play a single multiplayer game until now. I’ve waited different times on different days, but nothing has happended, it just stayed 1/10 or 1/5 all the time. I know that my Internet connection uses NAT Strict (I also know the hints and warnings for coop play with this option), but referring to the definition of NAT, I should still be able to join multiplayer games (just no hosting of games). Furthermore Halo 5 Multiplayer shows, that I’m able to play Multiplayer matches with NAT Strict. Do you have any hints or solutions for me? Or do I just have to wait for another patch adressing this issue?

Thanks in advance

I’m a part of the Xbox preview program and I don’t know if this helps for those that aren’t but try going to your settings - all settings - power options - turn off/restart and select restart. Whenever I turn my Xbox on and load up this or a few other games it tells me nat type moderate but when I do these steps it fixes my nat. I recommend doing this or hard resetting your Xbox if you have not already done so. To hard reset hold the power button till the power light is off then unplug your power from the Xbox. Next press the power button a few times to drain the Xbox of its remaining power, I find it best to wait five to ten minutes before plugging your Xbox back in. Then start is up. Hopefully one of these helps. Otherwise do a Google search for opening up ports on your router as this may also help.

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Have you tried dash board quitting I have to do this anytime my Xbox goes into low power.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll try them. As for my NAT, i’m using a shared WLAN whose admin said that the NAT stays strict, no option to change it. But that shouldn’t be the problem, as I’m able to play the multiplayer modes in other games (e.g. Halo 5). No idea why the xbox energy/chache should prevent the matchmaking working though :confused:

ps. I already tried hard resetting, but without unplugging the power though

How do I do that? Never heard it before…

Hit middle xbox button hit the 3 line button while battleborn is main tab on home screen tell it to quit thenot reload battleborn.

Ah ok thanks, thats what I do every time to quit a game :smiley:

I hope that will get you in another thing you can try is doing a cache clear on your Xbox, unplug your router for a minute then plug everything back in. To clear cache hold xbox power button till it shuts off unplug your power brick then hit xbox button a few times to drain residual power.