Game changer question

Are any of Jack game changers besides MiP worth specing into at level 70 most of them just don’t seem viable at 70 Laser Surplus is a perfect example of uselessness

Are we still allowed to say that Inspire is the most overpowered skill ever, or has that joke died out?

Oh why of course its the best skill ever im not including that though it way too obviously op

Jack’s cashe isn’t bad, free nades are free nades

potential (i think. the one that gives you shock novas when your jacks spawn) and you have my shield are always good for a suicide jack build. jacks cache is awseome, free nades are free nades.

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Potential is a must if you have Leadership, that is like guarantee Second Wind every-time you go to FFYL
Merger surprisingly can kill a fully shielded badass enemy in UVHM
Jack’s Cache is always a good viable option for free grenades

Diversify is so-so if you are goin’ for a digi-army build or not
YHMS is a must a for a digi-army build
On My Mark and Laser Surplus are just plain terribly awfully bad

Inspire is damn too OP lol

To be fair though On My Mark is only bad because of how buggy it is your Digi Jacks 90% of the time only one of them will throw a grenade and there is a 50% chance he will just throw away from the enemy or in the case of a Longbow grenade in the sky it sucks it would be a decent skill other wise

Why OYM is so bad…

considering it’s a 4th tier of the skill tree, can only be accessed via action skill, and can only be used ONCE, what a waste of 1 skill point

They could have put it in on the 5th tier, and can be used infinitely while the action skill is active, same as salvador

Recently saw a guy with jack’s cache and that skill where the clones throw grenades too…using a meganade. Well, I’ve seen some sh*t but damn…

unlimited free grenades is OP.

what i meant is you can use OYM not just once but as long you have grenades not infinitely, it might sound OP specially with Jack’s Cache but thats what a 4th or 5th tier skill supposed to be