Game Changes Without Lilith DLC

I didn’t download the Commander Lilith DLC because I like the level cap where it is +8 OP levels, and didn’t want all of the gear I’ve spent the past 4 years painstakingly acquiring. But now when I go to play in UVHM it doesn’t give me the option to pick OP levels and just puts me in the game at LVL72. Did the game force the level cap change on me even though I didn’t download the DLC?

Level cap was in the patch, not in the DLC.


Not sure if there is a way to rollback the update, but it comes regardless of acquiring the DLC. At this point might was well get the DLC.

If you’re on console, there’s really no way to avoid this patch.

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Damn. Well thanks for the replies. I guess if the new level cap is 80 but I’ve already got weapons at OP8 the. If I just level up to 80 the only real difference will be my health and the extra skill points right? Weapons and enemies will still be at Level 80 because that’s the same thing as OP8 right?

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Once you hit lvl 80 your OP8 gear will be at 80 (OP0).

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There are also two new OP levels so you will have that to consider too. The new max is OP 10 or level 90. Bosses being level 92.

The silver lining is that the new weapons are insane and most of them completely blows out most red text and they’re very easy to farm. Oh, and drop rates (for effervescent, legendary, pearl) is ridiculous.

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