Game constantly crashing during first Maliwan Takedown bosses

Hi there.
I’ve been trying to play the new Maliwan Takedown but everytime I get to the first bosses, the game crashes.
Boss health doesn’t seem to be related, sometimes it crashes at 80%, sometimes 50%, sometimes 5%.
I have a rather high spec computer (way more than the required specs for this game) so this is not the issue.
I tried both DX12 and DX11, game still crashes.
I am out of options to try to fix this by myself. This is getting really frustrating because I simply cannot play the DLC past that point.

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After update I’ve noticed higher than pre-patch GPU RAM usage (in my case it was around 4-5GB, now its 6.x GB, on 8 GB card).

1080p/150% resolution scaling.
Game for the first time crashed for me showing some odd info about old drivers.

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Same beat Wotan twice only for the game to crash…smh

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Yep my game crashes every time I play the Valkyrie bosses. And I do mean every time. I play on PS4. Kinda bummed out about it, was really looking forward to this raid.


Yup happened to my group twice at 50% Valkyre. Two different hosts. PS4

PS4 guys, really sorry it’s crashing, but… wrong forum. Please do make sure you post in the PS4 troubleshooting section.

Don’t worry Zane & clone are in Moxxi’s having a pint or two :beers: maybe join them while gearbox sorts this stuff out

Crashing almost every run on core i5 with RTX2060super 1080p…

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It would help to post exactly where it’s crashing as there seems to both the last boss fight and the Valkyrie fight half way into it.

For me twice during valk fight. On PC MH3

That sounds like DX 12 vs DX11. I briefly tried DX12 awhile ago but saw no benefits & switched back toDX11

Actually, the higher GPU RAM usage the better. I’ve played now for 2h more, no crashes yet.
DX12 mode.

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Well ■■■■… good luck… and you kick his di… whoops, lil bit of Ava there sorry

For me my game freezes at irregular times during Maliwan Takedown. Sometimes at the first Ratches, sometimes at Valkyrie bosses, sometimes it doesn’t crash at all. That is so damn annoying… The weird thing is that I don’t get an error message or something like that. My game just freezes and the only thing I can do is to close Borderlands via Task manager. That’s so f*cking frustrating If this happens right before Wotan and I have to do the whole thing from the beginning -.-
Somebody found a solution for this?


Shut up geldric your not helping

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psst… you’re

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Still no solution?

Same issue. This is terrible. Stop worrying about nerfing guns and classes and please make the game stable. My friend and i have run through the Raid 3 times but have tried 10-12 times. We keep getting kicked at the first boss or after. A check point needs to be implemented if this stability isnt addressed. That way when you log in you do not have to go all way through the Raid again because THE GAMES INSTABILITY!

Crashing at Valkyries aswell. Public matchmaking is total mess for me. About 30% of games end up in freezes or crashes.

Ps4 just crashed on first boss of takedown. First time I played mission too. How disappointing. Guess I’ll wait for some more patches and try again

This garbage is still happening. If I am the host, the Maliwan take down crashes every time at some point during the campaign. I have the settings set to low and I am runing a core i5 4670K and RTX 2060 super at 1440p… this is really BS.