Game constantly crashing during first Maliwan Takedown bosses

Does the rest of the game run without crashing?

That GPU is a fairly recent mid range card but that CPU is 5 years old at least, sometimes components that far apart in generations don’t sit as well together.

I get occasional crashes, but maliwan has been especially bad. The real performance improvements in Intel’s core architecture have been power savings with only modest improvements in computational power. It really shouldn’t be this bad…

The fact you have a consistantly repeatable crash at a certain point in the takedown may be a clue. I’m fairly sure that CPU internal processing and core to core pipelines have advanced quite a bit over 5 years.

Isn’t it a 10th gen CPU now with yours being 4th gen? Thats a lot of scope for less obvious but still very important advances that programmers take advantage of today. An older CPU is likely to require more processing power to fulfill the same task.

I found this vid on YouTube of an overclocked 4670k, if you listen to the video it mentions the CPU hitting 100% usage and thats running at 4.6Ghz. If you are running stock you are 25% down on this.

I suspect your system is possibly bottlenecking at the CPU when the graphics get too much for it.

Is it any better if you are not the host?

Tried verifying it on the Epic Launcher? I had the same problem and the dude from the Tech support recommendet it and it hasn’t crashed for me since.

I did verify the game files, no help. Just crashed again on the Valkeries. My performance stats were 50fps and 14 and 15ms for gpu and cpu. this is not crippling my computer, the game has problems. It was when I was hosting as well… oh I also ran slaughter shaft fine no issues prior to Maliwan

This game is such crap. Only during maliwan…